You can write a new ending

Write a new ending ~ Crystal Gornto |HeartstoriesIt’s Friday and you’ve probably been running around all week on your crazy summer schedule, trying to get things done and have a little fun at the same time.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like life really slows down that much in the summer, the schedule just gets wackier and theres SO much more laundry!  It can be hard to find time to stop and celebrate the small stuff.

But it’s so important.

This is my friend Karen.  We were telling stories inside the GNO Facebook group last month and as part of her story, she mentioned that her 21st birthday was a bit of a bust.  So we decided to surprise her as a group at the July GNO with a little 21st birthday celebration surrounded by women who love, support and want to encourage her.  It was a really special moment.

Maybe even more for me than for her.  

Why?  Because we stopped everything to love on her.  To celebrate something she’d long written off as a loss, a missed chance, . . . a closed chapter.   We just opened up that chapter and wrote a new ending.   A better one.

Because that’s what friends do.

We get through the tough stuff.  We hold trembling hands.  We sit in the silence.  We pray broken prayers.   We laugh.  We cry.  Sometimes we spew our drinks.  We make memories.

We change the story.

We write a new ending.

When life is moving at crazy speeds it’s easy to let moments pass and succumb to the status quo, that this is just the way life goes.  This is how it is.

But it doesn’t have to be.

We can write new chapters together.  We can change the endings to old chapters we thought were long dead and gone.  We can do it for ourselves and we can do it for each other.

Think about that for a minute.

Who do you know that needs a new ending?  Who needs a new chapter?  Who just needs you to celebrate the messy first draft?

Maybe it’s you.

The story isn’t over until you say it is.  You can always write a new ending.

We can do it together. 

to more love,


P.S. Happy 21st Birthday Karen!  I’m still celebrating!



  1. Yay! Love it! So glad we surprised you and yes! Keep on celebrating??

  2. You totally caught me by surprise on that one! Thanks so much for sharing your words of joy, love and wisdom. Yes, we can certainly write new chapters (and learn from the past!). The 21st birthday celebration continues! <3

  3. I love your stories! They always put a smile on my face ?❤️

    1. I’m so glad to hear that Renee! Thank you!

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