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I recently joined a health and fitness challenge led by my beautiful friend Angela, of Happy Weight Fitness .  It’s been profound in many ways for me. One that I wasn’t expecting is Angela’s encouragement.  She’s leading a private Facebook group, but also checking in on me personally and there’s something she keeps saying that stops me dead in my tracks.  She says:

You are that girl.

You are the girl who prioritizes her health.  You are the girl who works out every day and stays super fit.  You are the girl who makes healthy choices and plans her meals.   You are, you are, you are….

She doesn’t say, “You will be that girl if you…”  Nope, she tells me I already am.

There’s a big, giant difference there.  

When she first said it, I kind of chuckled.  No I’m not, I thought.  Ha! yeah, right.  But the more she says it, the more I believe it.

Then yesterday, I caught myself saying it out loud about a totally unrelated subject.  One of my old stories was creeping up about my work and my historical tendency to jump into action before laying out a plan.  Suddenly I caught myself saying, but I’m not that girl anymore.  I’m the girl who takes an appropriate amount of time to learn and plan before I jump.  Wow.  That felt so good.

It’s been so cleansing, so empowering to hear that, I just couldn’t help but share it with you today.

What’s that one thing you’ve always wanted to be, but never believed you would?

The girl who gets up extra early to have some peace and quiet?  The girl who takes fabulous care of her body?  The girl who has all the energy she needs to get through this day?  The girl who reads a book instead of surfing social media in bed?

The mom who stays calm and patient with her kids?  The girl who makes time to care for the less fortunate?  The girl who makes a lasting difference with her work?  The girl who stands up for herself and her needs?  The girl who consistently does the next right thing?

The girl who does hard things and doesn’t quit?

You are that girl.

You really are.  You just have to begin to believe it.  That starts with saying it.

Start saying it today.  And I mean saying it out loud.  When you’re tempted to rehearse that old story, reminding yourself that you’ll never be that girl, speak up.  Replace that negative noise with love.  Love for the beautiful woman you are.   And then say it….

I am that girl!

Because you are, you just haven’t believed it quite yet.

to more love,


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