Winning women

This was clearly the winning table during our “Let’s Get Together GNO”.  We played a hilarious “beauty charades” game that night and let’s just say that these women were up for the challenge.  The thing about our activities at girls night out, is that they can never be done alone.

Everything we do requires connection. 

It’s not necessarily about making new connections, although that almost always happens naturally.  It’s about growing the roots of the ones you have.  It’s about laughing, learning and expanding your ability to connect, while doing something enjoyable.  We circle up and encourage a variety of conversations.

Of course, none of it is on accident.  

The entire experience is designed around connection as the starting point for inspiration and courage.  When women realize they aren’t alone, even in the smallest of stories, it changes everything.  Whether it’s a time you chipped your tooth, had a giant parenting fail, lost your wig, or completely lost your cool. . . there’s always someone else who knows the feeling.  And our room, full of sisters, is a judgement-free zone.  When one of us wins, we all win.

That’s the real beauty of winning women. 

We are inextricably connected.  We are individuals and yet, we are one.

We live in a world that constantly pushes us to compete with one another.  Prettier, stronger, more successful, more friends, more followers, more likes, more money, more power. . . none of those things are bad, of themselves.  They just are.  They’re information, but that is all.  You can decide to make that information neutral instead of using it as a measuring stick.  Measuring sticks are terrible wedges in relationships that block connection.  Put them down.

The next time you’re tempted to compete, choose to connect instead. 

Accept the information, but drop the measuring stick.

Look for her story instead.  

That’s what it really looks like to be a winning woman.

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image cred: Jessica Cernat Photography

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