Why you should live like an Angry Bird

Grow like an angry bird ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

I saw this little baby bird hanging out under the stands at the stadium last week while visiting the school.  I felt so drawn to it that I couldn’t help but snap this pic.   Maybe it was because it was just so cute and helpless looking.

Or maybe it was because we’ve been long awaiting the release of the Angry Birds movie.

Our cousins were in town this weekend, so we had a date to see it.   I expected to laugh and enjoy the movie, but I didn’t expect an insightful story to share with you.   I guess I should have known better.  (Spoiler alert!  Don’t read further if you want to be surprised by the plot of the movie.) 

Meet Matilda.

Matilda the angry birds anger management teacher

Matilda is the very zen and peaceful instructor of the anger management school that the hot-tempered Red is sentenced to attend.  She baffles all the “angry” birds with her uncanny ability to stay calm during tumultuous situations.   She’s consistently smiling and cheerful.

Until the island is under attack.  

In a surprising turn of events, the birds find themselves attacking an island of crazed pigs in order to save their children.  Every bird is called on to use their own special talents as they raid the pig island via a giant sling shot.

I didn’t expect to see Matilda.

When they load her into the sling shot, it seems almost counterproductive to send the peaceful one flying over.   But as she’s flying in, she starts shooting fire balls from her rear-end! She successfully leads the offensive line to victory and highjacks a truck to return the birds safely home.  It was a surprise to say the least.

But it was more than that.

I’d perceived that she’d grown up a peacemaker, that she was a bit of a goody two-shoes.   I expected her to try to zen her way to victory during the battle.  Maybe put people in a trance or something.

Her story was nothing like the one I made up.

She clearly had some anger management issues in her past.  She probably shot fireballs uncontrollably and hurt people unintentionally.  It was likely deeply painful for her.

Matilda was probably ashamed of her past.  

Until that day at the battle, when all the work she’d done gave her just the edge her people needed. When they needed a controlled, precise, fireball shooter, Matilda was a perfect fit.  That day, it became clear that her past, with all the failure, the learning, the breathing, the concentration, the growing…  was exactly what made her the only person for the job.

No matter what you’re going through.   No matter where you’ve been.  No matter how other people perceive you today.

Your path is making you, exactly the person you are meant to be.

All the failure.  All the embarrassment.  All the frustration, the tears, the pain, the regret.  It’s mixing with your heart, your hard work, your prayers, and your love.

It’s making something beautiful, something so unique.  

Keep doing the next right thing.  Keep trusting.  Keep growing.

Keep going.

One day, when we need you the most, we’ll all see why. 

to more love,


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