The Girl’s Night Out, you won’t regret the next day

The Girl's Night Out you won't regret the next dayYou’re working your tail off to be the most amazing mother, wife, friend and contributor to this world you possibly can.  And sometimes you feel discouraged when you can’t keep all those plates spinning as fast as you’d like.  

Girl, it’s stressful.

On top of that, as much as you’d love to get time with your girlfriends and feel like you’re investing something in yourself, who has the time (or energy) to plan & coordinate a night out?

It’s easy for women like us to chalk it up to being a season of life we just have to endure.  Like putting your dreams and desires on the back burner is just part of the deal at this stage in the game.  

But you know you’re meant for more. 

I don’t believe you’re meant to simply endure any season of your life!  And I won’t sit back and watch so many beautiful, smart, talented women continue to isolate themselves from very the relationships that have the power to give them the most strength.  I see too many incredibly talented women leading lives of quiet desperation, going to the grave with their song still in them, all because they believe there’s not another way.   

It’s time to bring more fun and meaningful connection back to this season of our lives.

It’s entirely possible to live our crazy-busy lives with purpose and a lot more joy. But it all hinges on connection.  We have to get reconnected to ourselves, and each other, and have fun doing it!  

That’s why I created a fresh new spin on a Girl’s Night Out.

It’s not a typical GNO that will leave you feeling bad the next morning.  And it’s not a networking event filled with surface conversations. It’s an experience where you’ll feel surrounded by friends, with huge hearts, who are passionate about figuring out what they’re meant to do in this world, and supporting each other in making it happen!

Just like any great girl’s night, we’ll enjoy laughter, wine and hors d’oeuvres, but you’ll wake up the next morning refreshed, with more clarity, feeling more connected, and inspired to be more intentional about becoming the woman you know you’re meant to be, with a tribe of women who want to help you get there. 

more joy.

more connection.

more purpose.

more fun.

Today, you can draw a line in the sand to say, It’s time for me.

OR you can keep telling yourself, It’s a season, until you look back and realize. . .

It was your life.  

It’s time for you sister.  

to more love,


P. S.  For those of you who don’t live locally, know that my heart is the same for you.  I dream of bringing this concept to you too!  But for now, we have to start small and local, to learn and grow into what it needs to be.  So please know, even though you can’t be with us in person, you are journeying with us.  You are in my heart.

6 - 9 - 2016 HeartStories GNO The Girl's Night Out you won't regret the next day. HeartStories GNO Premier at The Vine in Frisco, TX

Our first official GNO is June 9th, in Frisco at The Vine.   We have such a fun night planned with some incredible women ready to get real and share their stories with you.  I can’t wait for you to meet Ashley Vanbuskirk of Flora Stationery, Mimi Gilliland of Big Hearted, and Jennifer Knott of Confessions of a Pastor’s Family, attorney, and Noonday ambassador.  The authenticity and love of these three women will blow your mind.

Plus we already  have some fantastic sponsors including Flora Stationery, JN Creative, Noonday collection, Bonnie Ruth’s, Chicie Events, and Scripture Clings!

If you’re ready to bring more fun and meaningful connection back to this season of your life, join us!

Here’s a peek at one of our last events.  

Click the button below to register and you’re in!

Shortly after you sign up we’ll pop you into our private GNO Facebook group where we’re drawing awesome giveaways and getting to know each other a bit.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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