Why Football?

As I plan out the content for our Girls Night Out events each month, I ask a lot of questions.  I try to get in women’s heads about what’s going to be top of mind during that month.  When it came time to plan the September 5th GNO, the answer I kept getting was: “Football”!  To which I answered, “Well that’s all fine and dandy, but I’m talking about GNO here.”

Many answers were very similar: 

Look, I grew up around football.  My husband is glued to the game all season.  My son has been playing since he could walk.  My daughter cheers for all the games.  And of course, I know enough to get by, or at least pretend to.  But if I’m honest, I’m not really sure what’s going on out there.    

I am right there with them. 

I mentioned in a live video I made last week, that I grew up in a family of four girls.  I had three sisters and none of us played football.  But my Dad loved to watch football, especially if it was the Kansas City Chiefs.  (That’s his replica helmet!) So growing up, even though he was hugely outnumbered, Sunday afternoons a soundtrack of helmets and pads crashing, cheering crowds, whistles blowing and sports commentators giving their two cents on it all.

And then there were the football queens:

“Girl, I knew football before I knew my ABC’s.  I can tell you every single thing that’s going on out there.  Don’t you think this is just a game for the guys.  We’re a football family!”

So why a Football themed Girls Night Out?  

Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t care about football and you can’t make me.”  Girl, I hear ya.  Let me just tell you right now, that’s not the point.  My plan is not to convince you to love football.  Or maybe you’re thinking, I already know everything there is to know about this sport, why would I go to Football 101 GNO?

Either way, this girl’s night is for you.  

If you’re just faking it until you make it, what better place to learn about, talk about, laugh about, and maybe even try out, something you don’t ordinarily get a chance to do, than while surrounded by a group of women who are all rooting for you?

This GNO is about choosing to empower yourself with knowledge, rather than just sitting on the sidelines.

If you’re a football queen, it’s about showing up for the women in your circle who might know a little less than you do about the sport.  Instead of judging them from not knowing enough, it’s about sharing your knowledge.  It’s about celebrating their courage to learn.

When was the last time you sat around with a group of other likeminded women, talking about football?


This night may never happen again, so this is your chance.  

There aren’t a lot of things that scare me enough to keep me on the sidelines in life, but I have a long history with the fear of being hit in the face with a ball.  And certainly, don’t have any desire to get hit and knocked to the ground!  It dates all the way back to kickball on the playground in elementary school.  (I feel like we’ve talked about this before.)  But you can bet I’ll be raising my hand as a volunteer to try to run some plays at the end of the night.

I’m ALL in, won’t you join me?

Whether the football fans in your life are women, men, or little boys, this Football 101 Girls Night Out is a safe space for you to learn, grow, laugh, connect, and enjoy ONE night with the girls, centered around the sport that takes center stage in Texas in the fall.

In case you haven’t picked up on it, it’s not about the game. 

It’s about you.

It’s about you taking a “time out” of your busy life for the connection, laughter, and growth that will make this fall a whole lot more fun.

Whether you can make it to our GNO next week or not, take a time out this fall to do something that’s just about you. 

to more love,


p.s. Get your tickets here.

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