I was here

Some moments move so fast you barely recognize their significance before they’re gone.  

Oaks had a friend over after school yesterday. After we dropped Noah off for soccer training they asked if we could stop by Kartland around the corner to ride indoor go-carts.   I remembered that we had a couple of credits there and quickly decided that would be a great way to spend the time.  We pulled in the lot, got them signed up and almost immediately, they were flying around the corners having the time of their lives.

And then it was over. 

I don’t know how long those races are. . . maybe three minutes?  But I know it was gone in a flash.  I caught some good pictures, but when I looked back at them, this one was my favorite by far.  I captured life moving fast.

The timing couldn’t have been more ironic. 

As part of the marketing for our upcoming Football 101 Girls Night Out, (that’s all about learning the basics as a means of connecting with the football fans you love) our social media team asked me to shoot them a photo of me with Oaks in his football uniform.  I knew it might take me a minute to find one, but I assumed I had at least one they could use.

I was wrong.  

I looked through all the photos at all the fields he’d played on and there wasn’t a single photo of us together.  I had PLENTY of photos of him playing football.  I had photos of him with Scott, Noah, and my Dad, who attended many games.  But not even a single photo of me with Oaks in his football jersey.  Not one.

I guess in my mind there was always tomorrow. 

With games every weekend for what seemed like forevermore, I could grab a photo with him next time.  But strangely, over the summer, he decided to take a break from playing the sport he so dearly loved.  None of us are sure exactly what happened, but nonetheless, he’s not playing football this fall.  Who knows if that will change.  But for now, my window of opportunity to capture a photo with Oaks, in his element throwing that football, is gone.

I took for granted that those moments would always be available. 

There are MUCH more significant moments passing by while life is moving so fast for all of us that we won’t even recognize until it’s too late.  Pictures aren’t everything, of course.  But in a world where you can easily capture moments that will live on long after you’re gone, do it.  Get in photos with the ones you love.  Pull that arm back and take a selfie.  It’s sort of like writing on the bathroom stall door, “I was here.”

But what you’re really saying to those who will look back at the photos is:

I was here, with you.  

Life moves fast.

Be present.

Capture the moments.

to more love,


P.S.  Football 101 GNO is shaping up to be SUCH a hilariously fun night.  Make it a point to be present with a friend you want to capture life’s moments with.  Get registered today.  You won’t regret it.  Tickets here. 

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