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Family picture day ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

We took our family Christmas card photos yesterday.  It’s usually a big production.  We have to find the right outfits with coordinating colors, but without patterns.  Everyone gets a haircut and a good night’s sleep, etc.  But not this year.   We waited to get all our stuff together. . .

Until yesterday morning.

As you can imagine, it was a little chaotic, having the kids try on several shirts and pants, that were all inevitably 4 inches too short.  But we finally found pieces for everyone that not only fit, they coordinated well enough.  We had a small success!

And we all lived to tell about it. 

But during the process, Oaks was running around for a minute wearing this little shirt.  It was too tight and the sleeves were way too small, but it was too cute not to grab a picture. (never-mind the arrangement of the furniture, a story for another day) Then, it took me back for a minute.  Do you have any pictures in your mind, or even in photo album of a specific time in your life you remember really well?

This image swept me back to 1985.

I was about nine, just like Oaks.  I was sitting  on the bench at the family piano.  My mullet was in full swing, feathered back and hair sprayed in place.  I had on purple sweat pants and a brightly colored plaid button up shirt, with the sleeves rolled up.  I think I was even wearing a little dab of hot pink lipstick.

I felt so beautiful and I was rocking that pose.  

This picture took me right back to that moment.  I was a confident little girl.  I had NO idea what the rest of the world thought of me, and I didn’t care.  I was showing up, and I was unapologetically me.

Some days I miss that spunky little girl.

It’s not coincidental, that I heard this quote form Glennon Melton over the weekend:

“What we’re all trying to do is find the woman who we were meant to be before the world told us who to be.” 

I think that’s mostly true.

The difference is, I believe we’re all trying to BECOME the woman we ARE meant to be. . . right now, after the world has told you everything it will.  After you’ve experienced so much life, with all it’s pain, loss, joy, heartache, connection and purpose.   After you’ve intentionally worked so hard to learn and grow.  And after you’ve turned it into a lifetime of wisdom and experience.

The woman you choose to become now. . . that’s who you were always meant to be.  

She’s not a spunky little naive girl, who was happy to just to wear a pretty plaid shirt and some hot pink lipstick.  She’s a strong woman who understands that her life has led her to this moment and has made her exactly who she needs to be, to do exactly what she needs to do, right now.

The difference is profoundly important.  

It’s your HeartStory.

to more love,


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