When it rains . . .

This is a moment of behind-the-scenes truth being told.

We had wildly different plans for our Galentines Sip & Stroll GNO.  It wasn’t supposed to be a Sip ‘n Stroll at all.  It was supposed to be a “Galentine’s Pamper Party”.  We had all the fun plans for how it was going down.  Until, at the last minute, the week of Christmas, with a house full of guests, I found out about an unexpected change that upset the entire apple cart.  Suddenly we needed a new location to host our giant pamper party.  You know the saying.

When it rains . . . it pours.

In moments like these, I try to practice breathing deeply and remembering that every problem has a solution.  It may look very different than the solution I was expecting, but every problem has a solution . . . as long as I’m open to discovering it.  It will likely require more work and effort than I was planning to expend, but there is a solution available.  I was wracking my brain for any possible locations that could host more than 100 women for pampering, when I drove past my friend’s salon.  Ellie K Salon.  It’s beautiful. It’s a fabulous location, but there’s just no way we could squeeze 100+ women inside at one time for anything other than a game of sardines.

But I couldn’t get that thought out of my head.

I looked around and realized, I knew or had met, at least 70 percent of the shop owners in her shopping center.  I looked around again and suddenly an idea entered my mind.  I remembered that during one of my mastermind meetings with other women business owners, Karen White (Oasis Accents) had shared that she once organized a Sip & Stroll for her entire shopping center and it was one of the best things they’ve ever done because they were able to gain exposure to one another’s loyal customer base by banding together to provide a fun experience for all.

That was it! 

I could organize a progressive girls night out that would be a fantastically fun (and unusual) experience for our attendees, while being a blessing to business owners that I already patronize.  It’s a new center that’s close to my house so I’m always cheering these shop owners on anyway!  I fully want them to succeed, so this felt like such a win-win solution.

Until I started reaching out.  

Of course, Amy from Ellie K Salon, whom I’ve known for nearly 10 years, was in.  Christy, from The Cookie Rack, said it sounded like a great idea.  Mike, Jenny, and John of brickLAB were totally down.  Tony and Thomas, at Berlin Café, were thrilled to join.  Caymen, at The Painted Teacup, immediately saw the vision.  Heather and James, at The Salt Retreat, had open ears and minds.  Michael, at the Lounge Coffee and Tea Bar, had instant ideas about tastings and all sorts of goodies.    But as I introduced myself to new shop owners, I quickly learned that they’d recently had an experience with another gal, with a similar idea, that didn’t pan out the way everyone had hoped.  Getting buy-in from everyone in the center was going to be harder, and take longer than I anticipated.  AND I had better have my act together with the organization of this event or I could earn myself a bad reputation, quickly.

It turns out, sometimes rain can show you what you’re made of. 

It can force you to level-up and do your best work, for the people you seek to serve, both inside and outside of your community.  As a result of an ENORMOUS team effort, we have a nearly sold-out Galentines party of epic proportions planned.  Tickets sold fast and these business owners will reap a beautiful reward of 150+ loyal customers, just from saying “yes” to working with us.

So will you, and all the women we serve.

When it rains, pour out love on the people around you

There’s no promise it will be easier.

There’s no promise it will be what you planned.

But the world will be better for it.

You will be better.

Don’t go hunker down, just trying to stay dry.

Keep showing up.

When it rains. . . 

Pour out love.

to more love,


P.S.  There are just a few spots left for Thursday night.  Maybe we’re saving one just for you!  Galentines Sip & Stroll tickets here.  

P.S.S.  This darling backdrop is one of the creative scenes from The Painted Teacup!

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