Showing up matters

It’s been a rough week it’s been on so many of our hearts. I’m not even a sports fan, unless my kids are playing. Kobe Bryant wasn’t on my radar.  Though he was a legend, he wouldn’t even have ranked in 10,000 people I was thinking about going into the weekend.

But oh, what a difference a day makes.

His passing in such a tragic event, while being an engaged parent, seemed to stop the heartbeat of the world momentarily.  It felt like a sucker punch in the gut to sports fans and parents near and far.  It’s been such a heavy few days, even for me, until a random moment with Noah, we just happened to catch the quick clip of Elle Duncan, a sportscaster on ESPN (at about minute 1:20) offering a tribute to Kobe’s life.  Through tears, she shared:

“I suppose that the only small source of comfort for me is knowing that he died doing what he loved most, being a dad. Being a girl dad.” ~ Elle Duncan, ESPN

When she recorded that clip, she likely had no idea that her tribute would spread like wildfire.  Igniting an outpouring of love with #GirlDad hashtags and photos flooding the internet. Can you imagine how Kobe would appreciate this tribute?  Can you imagine the joy for girls across the world today when, maybe for the first time ever, their dads are proclaiming their love for being a #girldad?

This is the way it’s done.

It’s the very best of us.  When all hope seems lost. When the news seems too devastating to bear. When it seems there’s not a glimmer of light to be found. Sometimes all it takes is one person showing up, to speak up. Through tears. With a shaky voice. Swimming against the seemingly overwhelming flow.

To help you see the light.

To remind you there is hope.  To extend a voice, a hand, a hug, and a heart, in the sullen reminder that all is not lost.  There is a flicker of hope left in the ashes.

Thank you for reminding us, Elle.

May we never forget the way a single spark of hope can spread like wildfire, if we just show up for one another.

Especially when it’s hard.

Especially when you cannot yet see how adding your voice to the throng of noise (and pain) could possibly make a difference.

It can and it does.

“Good friends help you find the important things you’ve lost . . .  your smile, your hope, your courage.”   (unknown author)

It’s the essence of being a good friend.

A good human. 

It’s why I do what I do.

Showing up for each other matters.  

It changes everything.

to more love,


P.S. It’s not yet too late to show up for and with your girlfriends, at Galentine’s Sip & Stroll one week from tonight.  It matters.

Photo credit: Vanessa Corral Photography

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