What will you see today? 

A cold front whipped through Texas over the weekend.  We woke up to freezing temperatures with a sleetish/snowish combination developing on Saturday morning.  Of course, to me, that sounds like the perfect time to cozy up on the couch with a cup of tea and a blanket.  But to the boys, it was the perfect time to RUN outside, barely clothed, in bare feet, to explore it all.

The exploring quickly turned into jumping on the trampoline. 

That jumping almost instantly became doing their own unique version of a glitter jump, watching the icy snow fly up, each time they bounced down.  They were wide-eyed and bushy-tailed, like this was the best thing they’d done in years.  They wanted to make sure I was watching it all, through the window, from my cozy spot on the couch.  They needed to be sure I didn’t miss a single stunt, flip or roll through the frozen white fluff.  There were giggles, cackles and pure shrills of joy.

The best part was the joy.

They’d been cooped up in the house doing Cyber School homework all week and this was a moment of sheer pleasure.  Everything was suddenly new and exciting.  Especially the wild-eyed discoveries, like this fabulously intricate ice sculpture above, a treasure found on the edge of the trampoline.

All because of a little cold water. 

A splash of cold water can wake you up, sober you up, and instantly snap your foggy brain into seeing the world more clearly.  Maybe on this Monday you could use a little dusting of sleet and snow to the face?  On an otherwise normal, foggy Monday, a little splash of cold water might be exactly what you need to see the possibility in the world around you.

Maybe he’s just holding a piece of random ice.

Or maybe . . .

He’s holding a whole new world in his hand.  

The difference is your perspective.

What will you see today? 

to more love,


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