The right place

On Thursday night, we threw a “Sponsor Love” party with the Evelyn Kershaw Salon to show our appreciation to all of our incredible HeartStories GNO Sponsors.  It was a delightful evening to mix and mingle, while getting a fabulous conditioning treatment and blow out.  (I promise to share all the pics soon!) But these two somehow made it off to the side.  They were out of the main room with all the hubbub, in a completely separate, quiet area.

For a party person like me, I kept wanting to fix it.

I wanted to drag that chair into the middle of all the others so Alison could feel all the “sponsor love”.  But, of course, things were working out for the best, way beyond my party planning understanding.  It turns out that these two needed that quiet room.  They were both at the right place, at exactly the right time.  They were exactly where they were meant to be.  They were meant to share stories and encourage one another’s hearts that night.

There’s always more happening than meets the eye.

When we are willing to show up, peel back the layers, and share our stories, we will find the beautiful threads that weave us all together.  Every single time.  It may not look the way you expected.  It may not be the place you expected.  It may be in the hall at your office when your co-worker has an uncertain look in her eye.  It may be in the lunchroom at the kid’s school.  It may be at the gym, or the salon.

It’s always the right place to pay attention.

Make a connection.

Show your humanity.

It’s the right place to go first. 

You may never know what a difference you’ll make.

to more love,


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