What if you believed it too?

Almost five years ago, I was planning a big event to kick off the launch of HeartStories.  I knew female friendship was the key influencing factor for women to live out the stories of our hearts.  I knew we needed to be deeply connected to one another to stop believing the lies we so often listen to, playing like noise on repeat in our minds and replace them with truth and love.  In fact, I believed it so wholeheartedly, I left my career to pursue that connection for women.  I had a vision for creating a day filled with the encouragement and guidance of wise women who understood the importance of female friendships.  It didn’t take me long to find this beautiful soul.

Meet Shasta Nelson.  

I’ll never forget the first time I connected with Shasta on the phone.  I remember where I was sitting and the knowing in my heart that this woman got it.  She’d lived the story.  She’d done the research.

She had the fire in her soul to do something about it.   

She’s not only THE predominant expert voice on female friendships, she’s one of the wisest, most generous and compassionate women I know.  Her heart to see women connect consistently on a deeper level is like nothing I’ve ever seen.  In fact it also led her to leave a career as a full-time ordained minister to study, write and speak across the country about power of healthy relationships between women.  It’s because she believes one thing wholeheartedly:

Friendship can save the world.  

“Friendship can save the world.  

I believe that our friendships are gymnasiums for our souls.  Gymnasiums where we can practice being the people this world needs: building up our muscle for compassion, increasing our endurance for giving, and stretching our ability to see the best in each other.

*   So we can practice cheering for people even when we’re jealous.

*   So we can practice listening even when we think we’re right.

*   So we can practice empathy even when we’re tempted to judge.

*   So we can practice serving even when we’re busy.

*   So we can practice saying “I forgive you” even when we’re disappointed.

All of these are skills this world desperately needs.  If we don’t do these things in relationships with people we love, then what hope do we have of doing them with people who live on the other side of the world from us? Who have different religions or political views? Whose values and beliefs differ from our own?

I have this theory that friendship can save the world.”

~ Shasta Nelson

Shasta believes friendship can save the world.

There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t believe it too.  That’s why I invited her to be our featured guest at the Ya-Ya Sisterhood GNO one week from today.  At this girls night out, Shasta is going to lead us virtually through the 5 Types of Friends You Need and how to make those friendships happen.  Then she’ll answer all your friendship questions live from San Fransisco.  If you’re ready to take your life and your friendships to the next level, you need more Shasta in your life.

Shasta believes friendship can save the world.  

What if you believed it too?

to more love,


P.S.  If you’re local, you know what to do.  Tickets are right here.

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