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At the core of HeartStories is a mission to help women see themselves the way their friends and family see them—as strong, beautiful, smart and whole human beings capable of anything and everything. In response to the outpouring of support for our crowdfunding campaign, we’ve created a unique opportunity to support you in expressing to a woman in your life what you see when you look at her. Whether it’s her laugh, her curly hair, her shy disposition, her faithfulness as a wife or her devotion to their children – our What I See In You perk is a precious opportunity to send a message to a woman in your life telling her that you see her for the incredible person she truly is.


Claiming a What I See In You perk is easy. For just a small donation of $25, HeartStories will provide a guided questionnaire to help you uncover and unfold the truths about a special woman in your life. All you have to do is spend a little time contemplating and reflecting on the recipient, fill in your answers and shoot the questionnaire back to us.  We will place you responses in a branded HeartStories digital postcard and e-mail them to the recipient on your behalf.

Too busy to clock another moment behind the keyboard or prefer to simply talk your thoughts out? For a $250 pledge a member of the HeartStories team will be happy to call you for a phone interview about the recipient of your choice. The conversation will consist of guided questions centered around the woman you love. After the call, a member of our team will compile your responses in a letter to be sent via snail mail or in a digital card via e-mail. The choice is yours.

Wondering what it looks like when all is said and done? Check out these powerful responses from Dr. Rod Masteller, a HeartStories supporter and father who recently claimed a What I See In You perk for each of his daughters Michelle, Kim, HeartStories Founder Crystal, and Heather.

We asked Rod to share with the HeartStories community the one thing he would want each of his girls to know about themselves that perhaps they do not know or see. This is what he had to say:

Michelle: Whenever you are around anyone you make them feel encouraged and loved. You always look for the best in others, and don’t focus on their faults. You have an ability when there is difficulty in a group or in the family to bring about peace. I would say that my Michelle is full of grace and peace. When I think of our Michelle Lynn I am so grateful that you are our first child because you set such an amazing example of how to live a life of love and joy and peace for your sisters.

Kim: You have such an attentiveness to others and their needs. You also have an uncanny ability to help people make the right decisions. I have noticed that when your sisters have an issue going on in their lives and they need advice they most often call you. You also have the gift of hospitality – when the family wants to get together it seems we all want to go to Kim’s house. That reminds me of your grandma Vetter. So when I think of my Kimbo I think of attentiveness to others, thoughtfulness, wisdom and the gift of hospitality.

Crystal: You have unusual determination to achieve great things. It seems that you have an unusual gift of awareness and an uncanny ability to make things happen, and you’re an amazing multitasker. I watch you with your boys and be attentive to them, but at the same time accomplish great things in your work. You also have unusual communication skills. When you smile, when you look people in their eyes, they want to listen to you. That’s a gift that very few people have. You have a deep ability to understand why people do what they do and help them find great peace and fulfillment in life.

Heather: You have a deep caring spirit for others. Even though you have much going on with your children, you’re always thinking about your mom and dad and your sisters and your friends and how you can meet their needs. That is the gift of service. I’ve noticed no matter what’s going on in your life, if someone calls you and they need you, you always make a way to serve them. I’m amazed at your seemingly tireless effort to be what you need to be to your husband, to your children, and to the rest of your family. It’s obvious that you have a great spirit of love for others, and it comes out in serving them.

Want to tell a woman in your life what you see in her? Visit http://www.supportheartstories.com to make a donation and seize the opportunity to help someone in your life see herself through your eyes.

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