What does this make possible?

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I listened to Michael Hyatt on podcast last week.  He was talking about a question that he asks himself when things don’t go the way he planned.  “What does this make possible?”  He went on to talk about how that simple question can change his perspective on any situation.  I wrote the question on top of a piece of paper on my desk where I can see it every day.

I’ve been trying it.

When a project takes three times as long as expected, when the dog poops on the carpet (for the second time today!), when the kids won’t listen to me, an e-mail is misunderstood, I overslept, the line isnt’ moving . . . and on and on.

It’s been really interesting.

I’ve realized just how many times I’ve been having little self-pity parties and didn’t even realize it.  Instead of responding with “Why this? Why now!” I’m forcing myself to think of one thing this circumstance makes possible.  It’s really causing a shift in how I experience my life. What I’ve seen so far is that it’s causing me to grow in grace.

The question itself requires grace, for me, and for the people in my path.

Since then, I had a situation that was frustrating me.  I felt misunderstood and not cared for. I started to have a little pity party and then caught myself.  I called up my older sister Michelle for advice.

In her wisdom, she helped me see a different perspective and a different path.

When we hung up, I saw that note on my desk and realized, in retrospect, that situation had made possible a connection with my sister that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise.  She passed on wisdom and grace that I would have missed, but we also laughed and connected in a unique and beautiful way.

I needed that moment, and the frustrating situation made it possible.

What might change in your day today if you started asking yourself, “What does this make possible?

If you genuinely ask and look for the answer, it will change more than you might think.

Try it.  What can it hurt?

Let me know how it goes.

to more love,


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