We feed off each other

We feed off each otherWhoever started using the term we “feed off” one another, must have initially had some strange glances and responses.

It instantly reminds me of the scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep gets the fish pedicure with all those little fish feeding off of her feet.  I’d never heard of such a thing and was completely disgusted.

The truth is, the term is all about giving life to each other.

Not in the delivery room, birthing kind of way or the CPR, rescuing kind of way.  In a very healthy, beautiful kind of way.  It actually means being nourished, sustained, or fueled by something. 

It’s May, and I have a new spring in my step.

It’s not because of the rain, the flowers, or even the impending sunshine.  It’s because of people.

Being a mama and an entrepreneur with a virtual team is lonely for me.  It’s not that I don’t get invitations to coffee or to network, it’s just that most often I don’t accept them.  I get up early to write and then I try to constrain my work hours between 8-3:30.  I have to cram a lot in and most everything I do ends up being “virtual”.

I get lots of face time with my beloved laptop. 

This year, I have a new work friend named Brittany.  She’s giving so generously of her time to further the mission of HeartStories.  We talk everyday.  She makes me laugh and keeps me moving faster than a Japanese bullet train.  What she might not know, is that her energy, passion and determination are like rocket fuel for my heart.  She brings new perspective to the disappointments and more joy to the celebrations.

With Brittany, I don’t feel alone.  

In the spring, I interview interns for the summer.  They bring so much new life and new energy to what we’re doing.  They’re passionate and eager to learn.  The ones we hire are determined to make a difference.  I absolutely love talking with them.  I love getting to know them and I love working with them.  They come in with a big blank canvas and instantly, they start adding beautiful colors, shapes and desgins.

With our interns, I see a bigger, more beautiful picture of the future.

This is the beauty of relationships.  We are meant to nourish, sustain and fuel each other.  We’re not meant to go it alone, no matter what we spend our days doing.

Whether you’re a student, a mom, a writer, a lawyer, or a CEO, you are made for relationship.

Find ways to engage with someone today.  

It will nourish, sustain and fuel your heart for whatever is coming your way.   And it’s not a one way street.  Your presence in the life of someone else, will do exactly the same for them.

We need each other.

We were made for this.  

To more love,


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