No one else is coming

Danielle StricklandI had the incredible privilege of hearing Danielle Strickland speak recently.   She blew my mind in so many ways.  What I can’t stop thinking about is her unstoppable drive to make a difference with her life.

To do something.

She’s convinced that this generation is going to take a stand.  They won’t be satisfied to merely exist for selfish gain.  They refuse to believe it’s too hard and too late.   Danielle refuses to believe it too.  She believes it’s not too hard, it’s not too late.

I couldn’t agree more.  

She said, “When history looks back and shines it’s bright light on the hard issues of our time, what did you do?”

How did you care for the poor, the marginalized, the enslaved, the orphans, the widows, and the sick?  What about people with lifestyles you don’t agree with or even understand?  When history looks back, did you love them well?  Did you do what you could with what you had?

Like it or not, you are part of their story.  You’re making history today, no matter what you choose to do.   Even. . . no, especially, if you choose to do nothing.

Danielle asked, “What’s in your hand?  What do you have?  Let’s start with that.”

For us, I ask, What’s in your heart

Of all the people I listed above and all the ones I missed, which group breaks your heart?  What is your heart pulling you to do?

Then, look at your hands, your life experiences, your skills, your desires, and your passions.   Whatever you have, that’s what you’re meant to use.   It’s your responsibility.  No one else has exactly what you have.

It’s up to you, to use what you have to make a difference.

As Brittany says, No one else is coming.

It’s not too hard.  It’s not too late.

Do something, today.

To more love. 


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