We can’t see you when you’re hiding

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We saw Joy on Saturday night.   It was a great little movie, but if I was thinking of a word to describe it, I don’t think “joy” would have been it.  😉  I’m going to touch on something from the movie, but I promise not to spoil anything in case you’re planning to see it.

In the movie, Joy is a young single mother struggling to support, not only her children, but her mother, her dad and her ex-husband too. Deep down she believes she can create things that will help people all over the world, even when no one else believes her.   She creates and fights against incredible odds to bring her ideas to market.  All the while, watching her mother live in hiding, watching soap operas in her bedroom because of the hurt of the past that still haunts her.

In one memorable moment, Joy has a revelation.  She can stay safe and hide, like her mother. . . or she can show up and try because she believes she has something to offer.

“When you’re hiding, you’re safe because people can’t see you, but funny thing about hiding, you’re even hidden from yourself.” ~ Joy

In that moment, she realized that trying to stay safe would keep her from doing what she knew she was born to do in the world.  Sure, it would protect her from pain, humiliation and suffering, but it would also protect her from the fulfillment that comes from doing something that matters.  It would keep her from ever really knowing who she was.

Joy chose not to hide and she changed the lives of women everywhere, by her products, and by her example. 

It’s no coincidence that I woke up Sunday morning to a post from Seth Godin entitled, Hiding.  He contends that we are all hiding:

Hiding from change. Hiding from responsibility. Hiding from the prospect of feeling foolish. 

We hide by avoiding things that will change us. We hide by asking for reassurance. We hide by letting someone else speak up and lead.

We live in fear of feelings. . .

We will rationalize in extraordinary ways to avoid coming out of hiding.

~ Seth Godin

Hiding is a lion in sheep’s clothing.

It seems so innocent and harmless.  It seems so safe.

But it’s not.

If deep inside you feel like you have something to offer the world, but you’ve been shoving it down in an effort to stay safe, think about coming out of hiding today.

Just start to explore the idea.  Jot it down on paper.   Type a secret note in your phone.  Take a teeny, tiny step out of hiding today.

Because you’re right, we can’t see you when you’re hiding.

But neither can you.

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