Voices you can trust

This is our “10-year tradition group mirror selfie”.  This makes me laugh because when we went to New York ten years ago, “selfies” weren’t really a thing, but we figured out how to get our own picture by arranging ourselves in front of a mirror.  So of course this year, we needed a reenactment.

This is where we ended up. 

One of the things I loved most about our little mother/sister trip to NYC is the sheer comfort of knowing that when surrounded with my family, I am surrounded by voices I can trust.  As I referenced in my blog about walking side by side, it’s not that we all have exactly the same beliefs or do life exactly the same way.  It’s about the commitment to love and support that undergirds our relationships.  I may not always take their advice, but there isn’t ever a single second of doubt that I can trust their hearts.  I can trust that the words they say are coming from Love.

They are voices I can trust.  

As I begin to reflect back on this wild-ride of a year, that theme of trust keeps bubbling up.  It’s been a year of sifting in so many ways, but one of the very best is the relationships with people whose voices I can trust.  If they stuck with me and loved me through this year, (or the past 5 years for that matter) I can trust them.  They are my people.

“People who are becoming love try impossible things, because they’ve surrounded themselves with voices they can trust.”

~ Bob Goff,  Everyone Always

I don’t know what’s been on your plate this year, or what your plans are for the upcoming year, but I can tell you that Bob Goff has this part figured out.  If you’re in a season of working to become love, a season of trying impossible things, it’s a non-negotiable to surround yourself with voices you can trust.

It’s the whole premise of HeartStories.

The chatterbox in your brain, the one that’s telling you it’s impossible, gets quieter and quieter when you are surrounded by friends who love you, believe in you and will walk with you, no matter what.

As you’re faced with choices about where to invest your time and energy during this holiday season, make it a priority to surround yourself with voices you can trust.  

Kindly pass on all the rest.

It will, no doubt, set your course for 2019 in an entirely different direction. .

to more love,


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