UndercoverMy family didn’t participate in Halloween when I was growing up so it’s been especially fun over the years for me to help the boys find the perfect costumes.  We don’t do bloody or gory, so their costumes are usually creative and fun.   Most years, Scott and I dress up with them, making it a family affair.

This picture makes me laugh for a lot of reasons.

They were dressed as undercover detectives.  They look so serious.  And they were.  Scott and I dressed in the same black trench coats and off we went.  What’s hilarious is that everyone kept commenting on how cute the little mafia family was.

Great outfits!  You make a great little mafia family!

At first, it was easy to laugh and try to ignore it, but then the kids started asking.  What’s a mafia?  Why don’t they know we are detectives?

The mafia is super fun to explain to 4 and 5 year olds.

When I saw this picture it reminded me of that night.  It reminds me of how often we try to dress up.  We put on an act, trying to be someone we’re not.  We go undercover and think no one knows what’s really going on under our disguise.

Just when you think you’re disguised as an undercover detective, you’ll get called out as a member of the mob.

You can keep a straight face and keep up your act, but it won’t work long-term.

You might as well drop the stash and the sunglasses.  Lose the hat and the coat.  No one is buying it anyway.  And besides, you look a little like the mob covered up like that.  😉

Being the real you is more beautiful than you think.

Of course you’re flawed and not exactly who you aspire to be, yet.  But no one can journey with you to get there when you pretend to be someone you’re not.  And you’ll never become who you’re meant to be if you try to go it alone.

So today, be you. 

Let someone in on how you’re really doing.  Tell them what you’re really dreaming and hoping for.   Share something that elates you. Spill the beans on what’s breaking your heart.

I know you’re busy, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Take five minutes.  Send a text.  Make a phone call.  At the very least, write your thoughts in a journal or a note on your phone.  Email them to yourself.

Just take a pause in your day to get honest about where you are and let yourself be human.

No mask.  No disguise.


You’re beautiful, even in your mess.  

What you do today matters.

Someone is waiting.  Waiting to see if you’ll drop the disguise to be real and human so they can connect with you.

Maybe it’s your kids.  Maybe it’s your spouse.  Maybe a friend.  A student, a neighbor, or a stranger.

Let them in.  

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

To more love,


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