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Boys and their giftsWe went to the park yesterday after school.  It was a beautiful day out and I hadn’t spent a moment outside yet, though I’d seen it from the window in my office.  So when the boys requested the park after school, it was an easy decision.

Until we pulled up.  

I looked down and noticed, I was still wearing my slippers.  Not only had I not changed clothes or brushed my hair, but I was not even wearing real shoes.  So I told the boys I would stay in the car and watch while they played with their friends.  (I wish I could say this was the first time)

As I sat there in the car, I worked away, responding to emails and such.  Then, one at a time the boys returned to the car.

First it was Oakley.  He brought me a worm.  He thought it might be a baby snake since he found it in the water.  We talked about what it might be while it inched all around his finger.  I know it’s disgusting, sorry.  For him, it was fascinating.

It was a surprising moment of connection and conversation.  

Then came Noah.  He climbed up on the door on the passenger side with a surprise.  He threw his arm over the side saying, These are for you.   He found some beautiful little Texas wildflowers and collected them for me.  I was delighted and he was proud.  Big kiss and off he went.

My mama heart was full.

It was unexpected and special.  They might not always remember those moments, but I will.  I made them wait for a picture, because I don’t want to forget.  I want to remember their precious little gifts.  And when I do, I want to remember that little moments of connection can happen anywhere, anytime, under any circumstance. Even in your house shoes.

Later on I went to the grocery store.

Because those moments where on my mind, I was intentional about looking the new gal at the deli in the eye. Thanking her for the chicken.   At the checkout line, I noticed a bump on Marie’s head and asked her what happened.   She explained.  Nothing unusual happened in those moments.

It was significant nonetheless.  

We made a connection.  A human connection.  As much as we try to pretend those moments are insignificant, that they don’t matter, they do.  They matter for me and they matter for you.

I used to walk through the store with my headphones on, listening to books on Audible.  (yes, I’m seriously that dorky)  I didn’t want to waste that hour without learning something.

I’m learning that making connections with other human beings, even if it’s just eye contact, changes me.  

It helps me get outside of my own world with my “troubles” and concerns.  It helps me to notice the lives of others.  And I have to believe it changes them.  It makes them feel seen.  Even if they don’t cognitively notice it, they must feel more love.

And that’s a beautiful thing.

I wonder what would happen if each of us intentionally did that one time each day.  What if we put down the phone, and looked up at the person in front of us?  What if we made eye contact?  Just once.

It would make us more human and less robotic.

It would make us more loving.

I’m going to do it for the next 20 days.  Once a day.  Make a human connection, when I would ordinarily be focused on me, lost in my own sea of thought, or looking at my phone.

Will you try it with me?  

No contract.  No accountability.  Just you.  Just me.  Saying we will.

Making more human connections.

Caring a little bit more.

Changing the world around us, one little gift at a time.  

Gift of wild flowers









To more love,



  1. I love this – I may be more efficient and get more done when I put my head down and stay in my own world – but I miss all the little things that bring fullness and meaning to my life!

    1. So, so true Jennifer. And I’ve found that those little things bring meaning that ends up making my work better anyway!

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