Time, Trust & Transparency

It’s Thursday, so I’m throwing it back.  I’m throwing it back to a time when Libba, Toni and my friend Mel (who somehow didn’t make this picture) were literally were saving my life.  We originally dove into friendship in the most unorthodox way, by spending 20 days in a writing challenge we called “Friendship Writers”.  Toni led us with a daily prompt and we each had to write for 20 straight minutes – no edits – in answer to the prompt.  At the end of the 20 minutes, we were to hit “post” on the writing and be finished.

The result?

Those three ladies became the “Triple Threat” in my life for that season.  When we began, we were nearly strangers.  After twenty days, we knew things about each other that we’ve never shared with anyone else – before or since.  We built a fortress together.  But not a fortress built of walls, rocks and stone, it was a fortress built through vulnerability.   It was strong, no doubt, but it was a soft, feminine strength built with the wisdom of trust, compassion and connection.  Through the seasons of life and circumstances, combined with our lack of making space to intentionally connect, we’ve moved away from our consistent connection.  But I can tell you that I would bare my soul with these ladies at any given moment.  They earned their space in my life with the real triple threat.

Time, Trust and Transparency

Everytime I think of incorporating “throwback Thursday” in this blog, I think to myself, “I should crack the safe on the stories I wrote during our Friendship Writers experience, there’s a treasure trove of stories in there”.  And then I pause, because it feels like such a sacred space.  I’ve never gone back to re-read and pull out my stories.  Something about it just feels so safe and protected, like they only belong in there.  Someday, maybe I will, but for today, I leave you with this:

With whom do you share the “triple threat” in your life?

Who gets your time, trust and transparency in this season?  Who would you bare your soul with today? If the answer didn’t come immediately, maybe it’s time you decide to make that investment.

It doesn’t happen on accident. 

If the answer did come immediately, check in with them today.  Yep, today.  A simple check in of “What’s on your mind today girl?” can be the difference between night and day. . . for both of you.

Triple Threat friends will save your life. 

Be one.

to more love,



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