Close your eyes and dance

The brilliance of the golden leaves shimmering in the sky, almost dancing in the wind, drew me in like a moth to a flame. Part of our Sunday afternoon agenda in New York was to visit Central Park, and though I’ve been there several times, until I return, I tend to forget the magic of that space.

Right in the center of the bustling city, sits the sprawling 840 acre, Central Park. 

Spaciously lined with enormous lush trees in autumn, the paths are leaf-covered walkways which sit juxtaposed against the tightly packed streets of the city, crammed with buildings and structures of every possible kind, horns and sirens blaring.  The moment you step into the park, it feels like you’ve tucked yourself away from all the worries of the city, into some kind of magical wonderland.  The golden leaves of the American elm tree are twirling to the ground as they fall.  The brilliant colors of orange, green and gold are reflecting off the sparkling water of the ponds, with quaint bridges crossing in the background.  The rushed pace of the city streets instantly transforms into families laying gently on the lawn for a photo, joggers inhaling the crisp air on their afternoon run, and couples softly embracing in a quiet a nook in the rocks.

Just the sight of it made my spirit feel lighter, and my tired body want to dance. 

So of course, I danced like a wild child, frolicking under the falling leaves, and my sisters captured this moment of my joy.  It’s almost as if, the moment I stepped over the line from the city street into the park, something shifted inside.  There was joy there, just waiting to be awakened for all of us.  We laughed hysterically, and almost fell over, while trying to capture a family photo.

We took it all in, allowing it to fill us up, for the rest of the day. 

I can’t help but realize that peace, joy, and spaciousness that Central Park creates, is a beautiful metaphor for the the space that is ours for creating in our everyday lives.  When the world feels cramped, rushed, loud and overwhelming, we have a choice to close our eyes and step over the line in our minds, to a more spacious, peaceful place.  That same joy is always there, just waiting to be awakened.

We must simply choose to look for it. 

We must embrace the urge to dance, sing and laugh out loud when we encounter it.

It’s easier said than done, no doubt. 

But it’s entirely up to you.  Look around you today.  The fall is a magical display of beauty.  Whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re rushing to, take a moment to breathe that in.

Close your eyes and dance.  

You can do it.  Your soul is longing to embrace that kind of joy today.

to more love,


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