Time is not the enemy

During Noah’s soccer game last night, the sun almost instantly went from scorching us with it’s fiery rays, to creating a stunning masterpiece in the western sky. (Clearly I have a slight obsession with the Texas sky this week.  Bear with me for a minute.)  I might not have noticed so much except I was sitting in the grass hiding in shelter of the shade of my friend Morgan’s chair.  During a water break, I laid back on my elbows for a minute, which quickly led to to full-on laying down in the grass, eyes to the sky.

As soon as I felt my head rest on the grass, a calm came over me. 

Apparently after you’ve been running non-stop all day long if you lay down on the actual ground, and look up at a heavenly masterpiece in the sky, you can feel your body let go a little bit.  My head felt heavy laying there, so I just let it be.  I’m sure I looked like the village crazy lady (again), but I wasn’t concerned.

I needed to feel that ground underneath me.

It instantly reminded me of a lovely conversation from earlier in the day with my coach Michelle.  While discussing my relationship with time, she said, “You have two M.O.s. One is this very present, restful, playful, completely chill, could go sit and meditate and commune with a tree.  The other is more chaotic, rushed, busy, action-oriented filled with productivity.  Flow for you, is where presence and action are connected.” 

It was an aha moment for me on the call, that was solidified by laying in the grass on that field.  

It was a reminder that beginning my workdays with deep sense of grounding, like that feeling of laying on the field, can help me see time as my friend. But not staying there forever, even though it might be tempting.  With that grounding as the backdrop, I can plan my agenda for the day with presence, instead of urgent chaos, consciously choosing my action in whatever comes next.  In the case of last night, it was getting the family home, showered and in bed.

It made a difference. 

It didn’t need to feel chaotic, rushed, or stressful.  It felt a little more like flow.  Obviously, I will need more time and a lot more practice to implement this idea of combining presence and flow into my life.  But I really like the way it started!

What about you? 

What is your relationship with time?  What is your flow?  What does it look like when you’re in your jam?  When you’re feeling productive, but not pressured and stressed?

Take some time to think about that today.

Then, intentionally practice building a little more of it into your daily life.

Time is not the enemy.  

It’s a sacred gift.

Embrace it today.

to more love,


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