This mama’s love-hate relationship with ‘bottle flipping’

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If you have a son. . . I’m going to say. . . ANY age, the likelihood that you are familiar with the repetitive thud, now known as ‘bottle flipping’ is extremely high.  If you do not have a son, add this to your list of Thanksgivings for the month.  Not the son part.  The bottle flipping part. 😉  Boys, the world over, are flipping bottles everywhere you look.

Moms, the world over, are buying stock in earplugs to mute the nerve wracking noise.

There seems to be disagreement as to where the trend started, but I know exactly how it started in my home: Dude Perfect.  The mad respect I have for these 5 guys (and their panda) who are creatively showing my boys that life can be as fun as you decide to make it, could be a whole other blog topic, but for today, I will stick with bottle flipping.

I have a love-hate relationship with bottle flipping.

The basic premise of the flip, is tossing a water bottle into the air with exactly the right inertia to land it flat, right side up.  This feat is accomplished through skill, yes.  But it also requires strategy, technique, focus and a seemingly endless supply of stamina.  The options for flipping are plentiful.  How many times can you flip in a row? Can you cap it? Can you land it on the shelf? Basketball hoop?  The fun never stops. . . until mom makes it clear that she’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown and simply cannot handle one more thud.

But I’m watching. . . and I’m learning.

This fad is actually such a positive thing.  It’s teaching kids that there’s something to do at any moment they choose.  They don’t need an iPad or a phone.  They can make their own fun.   Just like the successful flip above that Oaks landed in tree while I was inside the bank.

 The benefits of the flip, far outweigh the nagging annoyance of the thud.  

They’re learning confidence through refining their skills.  No one flips a bottle perfectly on their first try.  It takes practice and a lot of it.  They’re learning the value of dedication.  They have to spend significant time and energy focused on the end result.  They have to choose to flip instead of doing something easier like Legos or a video game.

They’re learning about grit.

Grit is the courage, tenacity, and strength of will it takes to keep flipping that bottle while you’re honing your skill.  It’s failing, over and over, and endlessly picking up the bottle to try again.  It’s about sticking with it and getting up again.  It’s staying focused on the goal.

It’s about not giving up when things don’t work out the way you hoped.

Sounds like something we could all use a little more of, right?

If they can do it, so can you.  Whatever you’re going through today sister, you are honing your skill.  Even if you feel like you’re failing, stay focued on the goal.  Get up and try again.  You’re becoming stronger and braver.

You’re becoming who you’re meant to be.

We need you.

It’s worth it.  

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  1. We were being driven flippin crazy in our house. I challenged my kids to come up with something creative with bottle flipping and the result is http://www.thefliptable.com
    Also, put a koozie on the bottle, it dampens the sound!

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