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I don’t know how long we’ve been friends here, but if it’s long at all, you probably know that for all my creativity and visioning, interior design is not my thing.  I know what I like.  I know what makes me feel comfortable and alive, but send me to a design center or home shopping alone, and you just never know what you might end up with.  For sure, it will be more color than you’ve ever seen in your whole life.  As a result of said issue, when it came to this process we’re in, of building a home, we knew we needed a wise guide to get us through the process and make wise investments we’ll be happy with over the long haul.

Enter Nicole Arnold

I first came across Nicole Arnold through her column in a local Frisco magazine about interior design.  She was clearly a seasoned professional, on every level.  When I started putting two and two together, I realized Nicole had recently completely redesigned a home for one of my closest friends, Melanie.  So I reached out to ask her about her experience.  She couldn’t say enough wonderful things about Nicole, both as a friend and a designer.

She introduced us and I’ve been eternally grateful ever since. 

Not only has Nicole led us through the process of picking paint colors, tile directions, and countertops, she’s guided me through selecting outlet and switch locations.  She’s talked me off the crazy-town ledge more times than I can even count.  Her years of sage wisdom and super calm disposition have brought peace to an otherwise maddening process.

But it’s been about so much more than the house.

Nicole came to Texas by way of New York and Atlanta, and I’m so glad she settled in and stayed.  She has a genuine and generous heart for connecting, mentoring and leading women that simply oozes out of her.  Along the way, she became a sponsor of the HeartStories Girls Night Out, and she’s become a trusted friend.  Nicole has a beautiful blend of authenticity and optimism that makes her such a fabulous role model, both in business and in life.

Tonight she’s going to share her story at our “Design Your Life” GNO and I can hardly wait! 

In a world where women so often tear each other down instead of lifting each other up, Nicole is a beacon of light, illuminating a better way for us all.  This is how it’s done.  I aspire to become more like her all along the way.

I hope you do too.

It’s up to us, you know.

to more love,


P.S. In addition to sharing her personal story tonight, Nicole will also be sharing five principles of design that will enable you to transform your room into a beautiful & functional space you didn’t know existed.  She’ll wrap up those tips with five life principles you can practice to reveal the hidden beauty inside of you.  Then together, we’ll get to create vision boards to cultivate what matters most in 2018.  So if you’re local, get your ticket.  It’s a perfect way to kick off the new year!

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