Circles of women who will change you

I’m busting at the seams to tell you all the fabulous things about the Design Your Life girls night on Thursday.  It topped the charts as one of the most fun AND meaningful GNOs to date.  The room was full and the energy was so, so beautiful.  It was full of hope and expectation of all the good that was to come. (This circles of gorgeous ladies from Team HeartStories made it all happen, flawlessly.)  I knew instantly that I was in for more of a blessing than I could possibly offer when we started out the night writing how we were feeling about 2018 on our glasses.

The options where:

1. In Denial

2.  Meh

3.  Bring it on!

There were only two ladies in the house who chose anything other than “Bring it on!”,  my sister and me.  We both chose “In Denial” laughing about how in the world it’s already January and how the bullet train just keeps moving, whether we like it or not.  But the rest of the ladies were ready to take the bull by the horns.  They were there to learn all about making beautiful space in their homes and in their lives for good things to happen in 2018.

And boy did they ever.

Together, we envisioned the difficulties and disappointments of 2017.  We grasped them tightly in our hands, and then we let them go.  We let go of our grip on the outcomes of last year.  We freed our hearts and minds to make space for all that is to come this year.  We wrote thank you notes to 2017 for the good gifts it brought us, above and beyond any disappointments we may have felt.  We learned 5 tips from Nicole Arnold about how to make meaningful, beautiful space in our homes and in our lives.  Then we dove into making fun and fabulous vision boards full of all the things we want to cultivate more of in the year ahead.

The feeling in the room was magical.

So much love.  So much hope.  So much joy.  Of all the things I left feeling and thinking Thursday night, I can’t stop thinking about how beautiful and powerful circles of women can be.  When we show up vulnerably, not knowing exactly what to expect.  When our hearts are looking forward, not back.  When we’re intent on sharing only gratitude, joy, hope, laughter and love.

Our society pushes us to compete with one another.  

But our hearts are made for connection.  We are designed to do life together, to share the good and the bad.  We often try to convince ourselves we can do it alone, but we’re hardwired to process our experiences together.

Who are the women in your circles?

There are many, if you think about it.  They may be women you work with, live near, go to church with, see at ball games, see at girls nights or cultivated deep relationships with.  They’re all in your circles.  They’re all part of your life experience.  Imagine what would happen if you showed up, full of hope, expecting only the best from them?

What if you were expecting only the best in them, and they were expecting only the best in you? 

Showing up, in itself is hard sometimes, but when you show up expecting the best, it changes the game for everyone.  Try showing up hopeful and expectant for your circles of women.  Try it today.

Try it over and over again this year.  

It will change you.

This I know to be true. 

to more love,


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