This could be your Revolution

How did we already get to that time of year when I am reminded, yet again, that my little baby boys are turning into men? Last year when I wrote “About Santa” it was the story of Noah maturing into an understanding of the magical Christmas tradition about Santa.  But Oakley was still so little.  There wasn’t a doubt in his mind.

Oh how a year changes things.  

Last year, when kids at school told Oakley there was no Santa, he was just sad for them that they didn’t believe.  Because of course, when you stop believing, Santa loses his magic.  But this year, there’s a new friend at school and she has insisted that there is no Santa.  Her mama told her the parents fill the stockings, put the gifts under the tree and (giant gasp!)  . . . fly the elf from place to place.  This is gut-wrenching news for my would-be baby boy who sent a letter to Santa via our scout elf Cole, 24 nights, last year.

He is wrestling with it every day. 

He’s big enough to know better, but in his heart, he still believes.  He’s asking all kinds of questions and begging for the truth.  So it is time.

This is the year we will ALL become Santas.  

Of course, it’s also the year I bought a fantastic Elf Kit with 24 pre-created activities for Cole, our elf.  He has campfires, a zip line, a whoopee cushion, a photo booth and all kinds of other fun activities planned.  I know the day is coming soon, but I’m not exactly sure when it will present itself to share the story about Santa, because the questioning season isn’t a bad thing at all.

In fact, it’s immeasurably good for the development of his little brain.  

Brené Brown describes this process (for adults) as “Rising Strong”.  It’s a 3 part process that includes:

  • The Reckoning: walking into our story
  • The Rumble: owning our story
  • The Revolution: writing a new ending and changing how we engage with the world

Oaks has experienced “The Reckoning”, he’s walked into this part of his story. 

Right now, he’s in “The Rumbling”, trying to figure out how to own this magical story for himself.  It’s a pretty intense rumble for him, because he’s been so invested in it.  Brené says, “The rumble begins with turning up our curiosity level and becoming aware of the story we’re telling ourselves.” One day soon, he’ll be entering “The Revolution” when we share the real story About Santa, and he’ll begin writing his own new ending, that will absolutely change the way he engages with the world.

He’s about to learn a valuable tool about owning the stories we believe. 

He’s about to see that he holds the pen to write his own ending.  He gets to decide what he will believe.  He gets to choose how he will engage with the world.  While I may not have seen this coming. . .

I think Santa is a great place to start.  

You already know the story of Santa.  But what is the story you need to reckon with this Christmas?  Are you already feeling the rumble to own a part of your own story?  Or maybe it’s time for The Revolution.  Maybe this is the year you write a brand new ending to that old story you’ve been believing.

It usually takes falling down to realize its time to “Rise Strong”.  

What you do next is entirely up to you.

This year could be your Revolution. 

to more love,


P.S.  Clearly, I wasn’t fully prepared for all this holiday season entails. But if you’re local, we can work on that together tomorrow night at our “Holiday Ready” Girls Night Out.  Come join me!  You can learn more right here.


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    1. Thank you T! Love you too!

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