One different little choice

A while back I was invited to my first-ever ornament exchange Christmas lunch with this group of gorgeous ladies.   They thought it was funny that I’d never been to one and that I had no clue what I was supposed to do.  But the story goes, that I’ve always kept very strict boundaries around my work days and kept any socializing strictly for the evening.  I have, of course, known that it restricts me from deeper relationships with some friends and apparently, some really fun get-togethers.  But that’s been part of the price I’ve been willing to pay.  This year, in an effort to say yes to more things that bring me life, I RSVP’d to this little shindig, knowing that it was the week of GNO.  (the shortest & fastest week of my month) But somehow I missed the big picture that I would be out-of-town 10 of the 14 days leading up to this lunch.  This day would be my first day back at my desk after a fast a furious 5 day wedding trip to Florida.

When I woke up that morning, ready to get to work, I saw this lunch on my calendar. 

Inside I immediately reacted, “Oh no!  That’s today!”  I was torn.  My body was exhausted, my mind was already racing with my huge to-do list and yet my heart knew, lunch with these ladies was exactly what I needed.   There’s a whole slew of things I don’t do well, but one thing I prioritize is keeping my commitments.  So I slugged through a quick load of morning work before rushing out the door to meet these beautiful souls.

Boy, am I glad I did. 

Every single one of them was so full of joy.  Their smiles were warm and kind.  Their hearts were open.  (And of course, the ornaments were darling.)  We laughed and laughed and laughed.  I left with my brain in the right place, full of all the good endorphins I needed to start a week that’s inevitably stressful for me.   Most of all it got me out of my selfish focus on my own to-do list by connecting, eyeball-to-eyeball with women I love.  The moral to the story?

Get out of your routine with people you love.

I know you’re busy.  Heaven knows we’re all slammed this time of year.  But make just one different little choice.

Do something unusual to connect with some people you love.  

Say “yes” to one little something that’s usually a “no” on auto-pilot.

It won’t wreck your week.

It might just make it.  

to more love,


P.S. If you’re local, you know I have an idea for you here.  😉 Think of a friend you want to say “yes” to this holiday season and bring her to Girls Night Out tonight to get “Holiday Ready” together.  (It can be your gift to her this year!)  Tickets are here.

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