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This is my courageous friend Kalee giving us a nice visual on the difference between balance and priorities.  In order to move at all, she must choose to temporarily shift her priorities, not balance them.

Which pole is more important?

Kalee needs them all, at different times.   She needs each one to be different from the last.  If they were all the same and balanced, she’d be in quite a pickle.  Kalee has experienced a lot of changes in direction in the past few years and she’s learned to take that next step with boldness.  She trusts that next pole is exactly the one she needs.

She is absolutely my hero for continuing to show up everyday and give her gift to the world, even if it looks a little (or a whole lot) different from what she was expecting.

Kalee is a relentless supporter of women.  

She writes a fabulous blog called Girl, I hear Ya.  She’s produced and managed everything from conferences to international travel adventures.  She’s a generous connector of people and a committed friend.

I love this photo for a lot of reasons, but today, I especially love it because I got to spend some time with Kalee yesterday.  She is taking a step in a bold new direction with her career and as a result, we’ll be working together to bring about the monthly HeartStories GNO’s.  Kalee has decided to funnel all of her past experiences in event planning into a new path of supporting event producers by managing all the behind the scenes details of the event through her new company, Peace of Mind events.

She’s amazing at this.

But I know that for Kalee, event management is not the whole picture.  Her heart is to be a great wife, a great mother, a great friend and to show up for women in this beautiful new way.  To lock arms with them and support them in a way that empowers them to do exactly what they feel called to do.  And the start of this new business is just one step on that journey.

POM events makes a beautiful work of art from of all the steps on her journey so far.  

Today, if you’re looking at a bunch of sticks in the grass and wondering how in the world you are supposed to balance them all, think about Kalee.  Remember that it’s not your job to make them all the same.  They’re not meant to be balanced, they are meant to be prioritized.

As you trust and take your next step, your life is creating a beautiful work of art.  

And we need it.

to more love,


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