I’m with you

I'm with you ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStoriesIn my kitchen yesterday, the lyrics to this song stopped me in my tracks.  It’s a song I know and have always loved, as a song about true, committed friendship.  But yesterday, in the aftermath of the tragedies in Orlando, I heard it differently.

Yesterday, I could really hear the struggle. 

I heard the shock and pain of an unexpected hurricane in her life.  The struggle of thinking she planted this beautiful thing and never got to see it grow. . . at least not the way she expected.

I heard how starved she was for Love.  

I could almost see her on her knees, trying to gather up her dreams and cling to anything that’s left.  I could see her crying out, and holding up a fist to shake it in disbelief. . . but in that exact moment, a friend’s hand reaches down and takes her hand instead.

A loving friend lifts her up, out of the rubble, and stays with her.  

I could see that friend staying beside her as she processes the grief, the pain, the struggle. Helping her tear down bricks off of the wall her heart so desperately wants to build.  Reminding her she is not alone.

Until the dust has cleared.

She stays, as long as it takes. . . until they can see the house that Love has rebuilt.  She holds her hand and helps her see the beauty that lives there still.

Love is a hurricane in a blue sky

I didn’t see it coming, never knew why

All the laughter and the dreams

All the memories in between

Washed away, in a steady stream.

Love is a hunger,

A famine in your soul,

I thought I planted beauty,

But it would never grow.

Now I’m on my hands and knees,

Trying to gather up my dreams,

Trying to hold on, to anything.

We could shake our fist in times like this,

When we don’t understand, or we could just hold hands.

You and me

Me and you

Where you go I’ll go too

I’m with you, I’m with you,

‘Till your heart finds a home

I won’t let you feel alone,

I’m with you, I’m with you, with you.

You do your best to build a higher wall

To keep love safe from any wrecking ball

When the dust has cleared we will

See the house that Love rebuilds

Guarding beauty that lives here still

~ I’m With You, Nichole Nordeman

I’m wondering if you have a friend who holds your hand when you’re ready to shake it.

Are you are that kind of friend to the ones in your life, who are on their hands and knees, trying to hold on, to anything.

We all need to know that even in our wondering, until our heart finds a home, we’re not alone.  

Send a text to a friend today.  Or maybe a spouse or a child.  Or even a neighbor.

Simply say:

I’m with you.

I have a feeling that’s all you need to say.  And all they need to hear.

to more love,


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