There’s always more to the story (Celebrating Hojee!)

Do you get excited about raffles?  One of my favorite things about Girls Night Out is the hilarious energy that comes from all the excitement over the raffle drawings.  You’d think we’d just bet the house on those things the way we “drum roll” and then screech, or sigh, depending on that final number that is called out.  It’s like nursing home bingo practice 50 years too early.

But this one? 

She’s pure joy, all the time.  She might be holding raffle tickets, but this is pretty much the permanent expression on her face.  As she describes herself to my friends, she’s my “blood sister”.  (apparently I use the term broadly enough that there needs to be differentiation).  Yep, she’s my little sister Heather.  Heather Joy.  “Hojee” for short. 

Today is her birthday!

You know time is moving fast when I remembered the year she was born, but I added 10 too few years to the total to figure out her age . . . and it seemed about right.  The truth is, contrary to the story in my head, she’s not 28.  She may still be my “baby sister”, but she is creeping closer to “middle age” just like the rest of us.

I love getting to know her better every year. 

In fact, just last week, I learned something new about her experiences during her growing up years, that I had know idea ever happened. I wasn’t really shocked, but I was sad I’d never known.  It shined a light on how much of her life I missed once I went away to college.  It made me want to know her even more.  It reminded me that there’s always more to the story.  There’s always more context and meaning.

The human experience is so rich, deep, and wide.

Just when you think you know someone to the core, there is always more to learn.  There’s a story they’ve never told.  There’s a new lesson they’ve recently learned, or a new experience they gained courage through.  We experience this every month at GNO, when we share a fun little 60 second story with a friend, and almost always, it turns out to be a story we’ve never told.

There’s always more to the story.  

Especially in light of the happenings of this week, Heather’s Birthday is a bright reminder to ask a few more questions.  Just when you think there’s nothing you don’t know, ask one more.  Listen to one more story.

With age, comes a lifetime of memories, stories and wisdom.  

Embrace them while you can.

You never know what you might learn.

to more love, (and celebrating Hojee!)


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photo cred: Jessica Cernat Photography

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