The light will come

At a Mat Kearney concert we recently attended, there was a moment when he asked for the youngest audience members to raise their hands.  He picked a shy young boy right out of the middle to come up on the stage with him.  Mat asked his name and introduced him to the crowd.  He could hardly say a word because he was in a bit of shock, intimidated by the circumstance, and the crowd.

What happened next was magical.  

Mat handed the boy a disco ball and walked him up to a platform near the back of the stage.  He asked him to hold the ball up, above his head.  They dropped the lights, and for a moment, it was silent and completely still in the pitch darkness.  I can’t even imagine what was going through that boy’s mind. . . until a single spotlight illuminated that ball from the back of the room.  Rays of light shone everywhere, on everyone.

In an instant, that once shy, intimidated young boy, realized the possibility of his influence.  

How many times you’ve felt like you were too young?  Too old? Too insignificant?  Too powerless? Like you didn’t belong?  How many times have you believed that the darkness around you was too dark for you to make any significant difference?

How many times have you wanted to just go sit back down?

Sometimes you just have to climb up on that stage with trembling knees, not even knowing exactly why you’re there.  Sometimes you have to stand there in the dark, and hold up the only thing you have in your hands, in blind faith that it’s going to make a difference.

Sometimes you have to wait there in the darkness, not knowing what’s going to happen next. 

It’s often exactly in your broken, insecure places that you are needed the very most.  It’s those places when you have to rely on blind faith and trust, that can become the most beautiful and meaningful moments of your life, and your influence.

If you’re standing in the darkness today, it’s okay to be afraid, confused, and to feel unsure.

Just keep standing there, knees shaking, holding up whatever is in your hands.

Keep trusting the light will come.  

We need your light.

to more love,


P.S. Tomorrow night is our most relaxing and rejuvenating Girls Night Out to-date.  We’ll be in our comfy clothes, resting and reconnecting while being pampered from head to toe.  If you’ve been standing in the darkness unsure for a while, maybe this is the just exactly the rest and encouragement you need.  Come join us.

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