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My husband drives a jeep.  The boys and I have hijacked it in recent days due to the beautiful fall weather in Texas.   I’ve noticed something interesting about driving a Jeep.

Anyone passing by who is also driving a Jeep, seems to raise two fingers off the wheel and give a nod as if we’re in some special underground group because we’re driving a Jeep.  It’s called the Jeep Wave.  It’s funny to me, because it’s rare that I notice anything going on around me especially what kind of car you drive.

The first few times it happened, I couldn’t understand why people were waving at me.

Now that I know the secret rule I still don’t obey it very well. I catch myself waving wildly at people through the window, with a big smile instead of just the two fingers off the wheel. They look back at me, puzzled. I really don’t fit in the underground jeep society.

I think we should have an underground language like that with love.

I was walking into the grocery store at 8:30 in the morning the other day and one of my false eyelashes had dipped down into my eye (apparently has something to do with driving a Jeep with false eyelashes, a story for another day).  As I was walking, I was rubbing my eye, trying to get it out.  A lady in scrubs stopped and said, “Are you okay? Can I help?”  I looked up, surprised that she was talking to me.

Confused, I said, “Me?”  She said,  “Yes, you look like you might be hurt.”  I was like, “Oh, no I’m fine.” and I kept walking.   But it was so strange that someone saw me rubbing my eye and actually stopped to check on me.  So strange in fact, that I probably looked at her like the underground Jeep drivers look at me when I wave wildly instead of do the two finger nod.

She showed me the underground language of love. 

She wasn’t trying to be cool and keep the code of ignoring eye contact with everyone in the parking lot.  She had her eyes open to what was happening around her and it totally caught me off guard.  As I walked through the store, I thought about the significance of her care for me.  It didn’t take much.  She could have easily kept walking, but instead, she stopped to check in.

It made my whole day.

What if we had an underground language like that?  What if we made eye contact and gave a sincere smile as we passed each other in the parking lot, instead of averting our eyes?

We might actually notice when someone has a lash in their eye and stop to help.   We might encourage a mom with her kids in tow or help a friend feel seen and not so alone.

You never know how you can impact someone’s life by showing them you care.  Even if it’s just for a second.

And the secret is, you’ll create more love on the inside by showing more love on the outside.

Go show some love to a stranger (or a friend) today.

to more love,



  1. Ha ha ha! I love it. I can so see you waving and smiling that beautiful smile. Two more love! Absolutely count me in the club!

    1. Oops. To more love, not two ????

    2. Ha! So sweet. Thank you Mel, so glad you’re in the club! Love you!

  2. Now that my boys are older when I see struggling moms with kids throwing tantrums or with multiple littles I think the same…I want to give some kind of sign that Ive been there and I am here without judgement if you need help….like tag me in sister….I can help you!!

    1. Love that Amy! “Tag me in sister” So so true and good. Let’s come up with a signal!

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