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I heard a story recently about a woman making her famous family recipe pot roast.  Before she put it in the pan, her husband asked her why she cut the good meat off both ends of the roast.  She said, “That’s the way my mom did always did it.”  He was so interested to learn why anyone would throw away all that good meat that he called up her mother.  When he asked her why she cut the ends off the pot roast, she answered, “Well, that’s the way my mom always did it.”  Growing even more curious, he called the elderly grandmother to ask her why she cut the ends off the roast.  Her answer:

“I had a very small pan and the ends simply wouldn’t fit inside.”

I didn’t hear the end of the story, but I wonder if she changed the way she made her pot roast.  It would require adjusting the recipe for more meat, which could throw everything off.   If you have a famous recipe, that’s probably a little scary.  It’s a lot more comfortable to stay the same, to not rock the boat.  It’s certainly easier to not ask questions and just do it the way it’s always been done.

But what if you didn’t?

What if you decided you were intent on curiosity?  What if you were courageous enough to ask hard questions, knowing that the answers won’t make your life easier, in fact they might make it harder?

But what if curiosity, mixed with the courage to change, made life better?

Maybe you could be more responsible with your resources.  Maybe you would serve more people.  You might even impact generations to come.

Which famous family recipe are you curious about improving?

Making things better is hard work, but it’s worth it.

You can do this.

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