The Right Friends Can Be Found

Let me tell you about my uterus.

(Or at least my stuffed one.)

When we moved into our new home, I prayed a specific prayer for good neighbors. We lived in a nice community before, but mostly everyone kept to themselves. It’s always been my hope I could grab a cup of sugar or watch my kids grow with good people.

A few weeks in, I posted a picture at the neighborhood park when a follower on my blog page said (in the least creepy way possible) she could see me from her porch. What resulted was coffee and finding out we had too many similarities to count.

Adult friendships are tricky because so much has to align. The kids, the values, the time you have to invest. And then there’s the fact that a lot of women fall victim to competition over community. Throw in some gossip and CLOSED-knit groups vs. CLOSE-knit groups and it’s nearly impossible to find female friends.

But they’re out there.

And before you know it, the right ones show up with a stuffed uterus and a “see you later ovulator” mug on the eve of your hysterectomy.

The best way to make a best friend is to always be yourself.

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