An Autographed CD and Hope

Here’s my daughter, holding an autographed copy of Taylor Swift’s latest CD.

And here’s the miraculous story about how she got it:

It’s no secret that Campbell is a Swiftie. I’ve written about it at length. But a few months ago I recounted a day when Campbell told me Taylor Swift’s music saved her. More specifically, “If I close my eyes and listen to this song, all my sadness goes away.”

This is the restorative power of music. It changes people.

And it also connects them.

A friend on this page—a stranger, someone we’ve never met—read that story and resonated so deeply with Campbell she decided to send her this signed CD. She said she had bought two, not knowing who the second one was intended for, until she read that post on that particular day—a day when she needed it the most—and it all became clear.

Taylor Swift likes to sing about an “Invisible String,” but there’s nothing hidden about what happened here.

We are all interconnected. And whether written or spoken or sung, words heal. Words heal little girls, and grown women, and connect them together from hundreds of miles away.

Our string is our story.

I know this was a gift for Campbell but turns out it was for me too.

By one random act of kindness, and an autographed CD, I was reminded just how purposeful my daughter’s life is meant to be.

To More Love,


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