The morning after

HeartStories GNO 6/9 Frisco, The Morning After

We had a little party last night. . . and it was really beautiful.

Yes, the venue was beautiful.  The weather was beautiful.  The women were beautiful.  The food was beautiful… and yummy.

But there was so much more.

Unlike a typical night out, dressing to impress, and full of surface conversations, this get-together will be remembered long after our outfits have gone out of fashion.  Why?  It’s certainly not because I’m such a rockstar party planner, speaker, or caterer.

It’s because of connection.

These gorgeous women showed up with open hearts.  They didn’t come to impress each other or find ways to one-up each other.  They came to love each other.

And they did.

They made that garden a safe place to be real and have fun.  They shared authentic stories of discovery, fun times and moments of aliveness.  They shared their questions and even their pain.  They listened, they shopped, they laughed, they hugged . . . and a few even shook a stanky leg.  😉

What’s leftover from a night like that?

It’s not a headache or regret (even though they may be nursing a mosquito bite or two).  I’m guessing they woke up this morning breathing a little deeper, with a little more peace, a little more joy, more direction and an overall feeling of “I can do this”, knowing they’re never alone.

I know I did.

I know not everyone can make it to Frisco for our monthly GNOs.  But you don’t have to.  You just have to look for opportunities to put your guard down and open your heart with the women in your life who already love and support you.  It might be awkward at first, but girl, we are famished for supportive connection.  I think you’ll be delighted with what you discover.

Waking up after a night of investing in yourself, and connecting with like-minded women who want to support you, brings a whole new meaning to the morning after.

You should do it, as often as you can.

to more love,


P.S.  Our next GNO is Thursday, July 7th!  Save the date.  We’d love to have you join us if you’re able!

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