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Holding each other ~ Crystal Gornto | hearstories

Almost every summer, as far back as I can remember, my family stayed a week in a timeshare in Mexico.  Those memories play like a highlight reel of some of the best moments of my childhood.  As a result, I have an insane love for getting beat up, over and over again, trying to body surf in those waves.

That partly explains why this picture is one of my favorite memories of all time.  

It has so much more meaning to me than meets the eye.  It was my first all-adult, all-friend trip with couples.  We were in Mexico, celebrating my (big) birthday.

I was playing in the water with my friends.

As the waves came in, we kept getting knocked down.  By the time we’d get up and get our eyes wiped clear, another wave was washing in.  So instead of continuing to fall down and roll in the tide alone, we huddled together and held each other up.

The best part?  

Though we could have been focused on all the salt water up our noses, our half-missing swimsuits and stinging eyes, we weren’t.  We were laughing so hysterically that we were barely breathing.  We weren’t terrified or stressed out.

We were huddled together, laughing.

As we gear up for our GNO tonight, this picture has me thinking about just how often we could be holding each other up.  Not an enabling kind of holding each other up… out of inability to stand or care for ourselves.

I’m thinking more about the hysterical laughter kind of holding each other up. 

When we’re getting beat up by the waves of life.  When we have salt up our noses and sand stinging our eyes.  When we’re working so hard to stay standing, it’s hard to think about anything else.

That’s when we need to huddle together, laugh hysterically and hold each other up.

Waves can be scary.  Life can be hard.  But we’ll get stronger, and make better memories, if we hold each other up.

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  1. LOVE your uplifting blogs. Thanks for being part of my routine. I’m going to share the LOVE.. May you be blessed with all things beautiful.

    1. I’m so glad Brenda! Thank you! I know you already share so much love. Keep it up sister!

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