The models are coming!

Y’all, I’m dying that I’m posting this picture of myself here, but I needed to catch your attention with the excitement of the surprise of the full model lineup reveal for our upcoming “Confident Spring Style GNO”.  So I looked back at all the videos I made the day we revealed the new venue for this event at 5 Stonebriar Way because that day was so full of fun, and mystery and surprise.  I knew I’d be able to find myself making some ridiculous face that would express the excitement I’m feeling today about beginning to announce our model lineup.  I started to play part 3 of the venue reveal Voila’! 

That was easy.

Apparently I make A LOT of ridiculous faces when I’m sharing something I’m excited about, and you know what?  There’s no shame in that.  I have a lot to be excited about right now and you do too!  Even if you’re not joining us for the spring style fashion show next week, let me tell you something that you can get excited about right now.

But first, a little backstory.

In my usual “style”, I took on this idea of a fashion show earnestly believing it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to tackle.  (*palm to face*) I mean, I knew there would be a lot of details to handle, but we have a fantastic team of go-getters and we know how to make things happen.  But let me just tell you right now, to pull of something of this scale, you pretty much need an army of go-getters!  (So btw, if you’re looking to enlist, you know where to find me!)  Nonetheless, we have persevered.  Even with all the obstacles and gauntlets, the show that is coming together for next week is simply incredible.

You know why?

Women.  Strong, generous, talented, women who are full of nothing but love and support for one another.  The women of Frisco have rallied like I never dreamed.  Not only did they accept my request to walk the runway as models in our show, even though most of them have never modeled a day in their lives.  They’re insanely busy, yet they’re rolling with my ridiculously tight fitting timelines, reschedules, and rehearsal schedule.  They’re not asking questions.  They are all here for this.

It’s because of you.  

I didn’t select women who are typically putting themselves out there on social media as the super models in town.  Nope.  In fact, most of them are feeling quite intimidated by the idea of the runway.  But here’s the invitation they said “yes” to:

“Thank you so much for your courage!  Women need to see each other walking in courage, trusting that we are full of love and support for one another.  This show is all about women empowering women. 

It’s the “Confident Spring Style GNO ~ a fashion show designed to equip real women to navigate this season with ease, both in clothing and in life.”   We’re featuring a global, sustainable women’s fashion line based in Ft. Worth, called Tribe Alive.  Our “Style Guide” (emcee) for the evening is Alison Lumbatis a local celebrity fashion blogger, entrepreneur and founder of “Get Your Pretty On” who believes that women who feel good in their own skin are always the prettiest – and that touches every area of your life.   Her entire business is built on delivering a shopping list of easily wearable, on-trend  “capsule wardrobes” to make life easier for busy women each season.

I’m especially excited about this show because we’re not bringing in professional runway models.  We’re bringing in the women who are the fabric of Frisco.  Of which, you are obviously one!  That said, I realize it might feel a bit intimidating to be asked to “walk a runway”.  So let me set your mind at ease right here with a few thoughts:  While our events are upscale and beautiful, the essence is love and encouragement, woman to woman.  With this show, we are celebrating the beauty of REAL women!  It’s not an over-the-top high-fashion show.  The whole idea is REAL clothes that real women would actually wear daily.  That’s where Alison Lumbatis comes in, translating the “trends” to easily wearable looks.  Your part is a simple walk while Alison introduces you to the audience and explains the pieces of your outfit.

You’re a bright light in our city and I can’t wait to introduce you to our community! It’s going to be beautiful in ALL of the ways. “

It wasn’t a call to strut their perfection for the world to see.

It was an invitation to show up, knees shaking, for the women of this town to see the real beauty of women.  At the end of the day, it’s not about our skin, our hair, or even our clothes.  It’s about having the courage and the confidence to show up for each other as our real, true selves.  It’s about the kind of support and love that is only found in the context of authentic friendships.

That’s why I’m SOO excited that the models are coming starting day!

I know you will be too!

to more love,


P.S.  The best secret yet?? They’re taking over our social stories from now until event day! So if you want to get to know some amazing women in Frisco doing incredible things with their lives, set all your notifications for our Instagram and Facebook Stories.  These women are some of the movers and shakers in this town of mine.  And they are the REAL deal.  Even if you’re not local, but you want you heart stirred to do meaningful and important things, follow them!

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