It’s not about the clothes

Do you ever just sit back in wonder of all the amazing things your friends are doing?  I know I do!  This picture makes me laugh because even though I’m not very fashion conscious, I’m constantly in awe over the way my friend Alison can give me “three easy tips” in a video, or a blog post, and suddenly, I feel like I’m completely “in the fashion know”.   I instantly feel confident that I could get dressed quickly and  go out into my life without looking like I stepped off the fashion train last season.

At the end of the day, we all know that the latest style trends are the most important aspect of our lives.

We’re here to love our families and make meaningful contributions to the world.  But here’s the deal about the work Alison does, while at first glance, it may appear that she’s only focusing on surface level beauty and fashion trends, I double dog dare you to look again.  Alison has built an incredible brand around “Get Your Pretty On” that’s about so much more than clothing.  Yes, she provides incredible things like “Closet Staples Shopping Lists” and capsule wardrobes for every season.

To Alison, it all boils down to confidence. 

She’s passionate about supporting women in feeling confident and empowered.  She does that through her super power eye for fashion.  She knows that at the start of the day, if you can quickly look in your closet and grab an outfit that you feel good about wearing, it can change the course of your day.  It can change the decisions you make, the places you go, the people you meet and the work you do.

Your level of confidence can change the course of your life. 

“My goal is to provide the inspiration, tools and support to make it as easy as possible for you to feel pretty every day. Feeling pretty isn’t a vain pursuit; I’m here to help you feel more confident in your style and empowered in your choices. Women who feel good in their own skin are always the prettiest – and that touches every area of your life. ” ~ Alison Lumbatis

I know it’s true for me. 

When I haven’t showered, brushed my teeth or hair, and am still in my “yoga” pants (that don’t get used for yoga) I’m a whole lot less likely to roll my window down to say “hi” to another mom in carline.   When I show up to a party and realize I didn’t get the memo that it was semi-formal, and I’m wearing jeans with Chucks, I’m less likely to introduce myself and share my story with strangers.  I might even stay home from celebrating a birthday with a friend because figuring out what to wear seems too daunting.

Maybe it sounds vain, but it’s the simple truth, and it’s important.

It’s important because that mom in carline might have really needed someone to notice her.  There may have been someone at that party who needed to hear my story to encourage them to keep going just one more day.  My friend might feel like we’re becoming estranged because she wasn’t important enough for me to show up.  Then the next time she’s looking to connect, she doesn’t reach out.  Ripple, ripple, ripple. . .

I bet you’ve experienced some of these things too.

Of course fashion shouldn’t be your #1 priority, but it’s worth paying attention to if it affects the way you show up for your life.

Because at the end of the day, it’s not about the clothes. 

It’s about your confidence.

to more love,


p.s.  This is the whole reason for our “Confident Spring Style GNO” fashion show just TWO weeks from tonight!  Alison is our Style Guide for the evening.  She’s making spring style a no-brainer that night by pairing basic, everyday pieces together in ways that will leave you feeling confident when you’re getting ready to face your day.  Confident to make empowered and life-giving choices.  Join us. 

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