The Light of Freedom

The Light of Freedom ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

I had a long talk with a younger, extremely gifted, friend this weekend.  She is looking to gain some experience working for a “firm” before setting out on her own entrepreneurial journey.  All I could think of is how free she really is, to learn everything she could possibly need to learn, on her own.  She doesn’t have to take the traditional path.

With communities like Skillshare, +Acumen, CreativeLive, and (our local start-up) Immerss, gaining experience, from the best of the best, is now accessible to us all.  

She doesn’t have to accept minimum wage earnings, working insane hours for “the man”.  She’s free to earn an income, doing something less glamorous, while learning any skill she desires, straight from the real professionals, on her mobile device.

Times have changed.  Freedom has certainly changed.

You only truly celebrate freedom, when you embrace it.  

By choosing a better way.

By uncovering your light and using it to light up the darkness around you.

By living your heart story.  

Tonight as the sky above you lights up the night with fireworks, notice the light it showers on others.  As the sparkler in your hand lights up the space all around you with a beautiful, shimmering flame, let it remind you of your freedom.  Your freedom to light up your world.

May it be a vivid reminder of how beautiful and powerful one light can be in the darkness.  

One light, that ignites in freedom.

We need your light.

to more love,


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