Fire and Light

Fire and Light ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStoriesThe boys and I have a tradition of making the trek outside the county line to buy fireworks for the family 4th of July celebration.

It’s always hot and dusty, but we love it.  

We buy sparklers, smoke bombs, poppers, tanks, some small showers and last night, we even had some fun little parachuting guy.  It’s usually enough for some family excitement and not enough to get us in trouble.  At least with the law.

But we have a few rules of our own.

1. Because there are always extinguished fireworks lying around, everyone is supposed to wear shoes.  When that rule isn’t followed, little toes (and big toes) end up burned and blistered, like they did last night.

2. Always aim sparklers away from yourself and never at anyone else (for obvious reasons)

3.  Never go back to inspect a dud while there is smoke.  

On the 4th of July, we are reminded that fire creates such beautiful light.

It can zip and zing and pop.  It can shower, spray and smoke.  When it’s shared, it lights up the darkness in an instant.   It creates a stunning display of hope and joy.

And sometimes, even when you’re following the rules, that same light can burn.  

Like that moment I realized my sparkler was wired backwards and the shower was showering all over my hand, so I threw it over the bridge into the lake.  But when we looked over the bridge… I missed the lake.  It landed in a tree branch and immediately started burning.  (Luckily, Scott thought fast and ran down to grab it out of the tree, then threw it in the lake.)

Fire is always a little risky, but it’s beautiful light is worth it.  

Keep shining yours anyway.

Burns will heal, but the darkness will never fade without you.

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