The gift waiting for you

My mom is going through all the old family photos she’s collected over the last 50 years, working hard to get them all scanned to a digital format.  While my sister Michelle was in town to celebrate their anniversary, she immersed herself in the piles of photos for a little, while sending the rest of us a few pics here and there.

This is one I received. 

That’s me, circa 1979, before I was old enough to protest that lace, frills, and bonnets weren’t ever going to be my thing.  Which seems hilarious now that I wear hats constantly, and loved wearing that fluffy white petticoat at the 80’s GNO.  But not when I was a kid.  I was all dirt, snails and puppy dogs. . . and maybe some green tempera paint.

Time changes everything.

When I look at the sweet face of that chubby little girl, I see a million stories.  I remember the years of learning and growing.  I can see the joy and feel the pain of the journey of my life.  All of the experiences that have brought me to where I am now.  The experiences that have made me the woman I am today.  They haven’t made me perfect, by any stretch.  They’ve taught me to keep moving forward, keep growing, and keep giving no matter what.  I’ll never be that bright-eyed, naive, red-headed three-year old again.

Thank God for that. 

“and so she moves forward, with a little more wisdom, a heart that is more open to love, and with a mind that welcomes deep healing”  ~ Yung Pueblo

Just like me, no doubt, your story has taken you to beautiful places.   It’s also led you through deep pain.   Each year has brought you more wisdom whether you’ve welcomed it or not.

But the rest is up to you.

You must do the hard work of making your heart more open to love, instead of more closed.  Stay open to loving yourself and others. Welcome the healing that love can bring, within a community of trusted friends.

That’s the gift waiting for you, while time is changing everything.

But it’s up to you to accept it.  

to more love,


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