Do you sort of care?

We got all our images back from our Girls Just Wanna Have Fun GNO Birthday Party (from the magnificent Meggie Taylor!) and it was so much fun to look through them.  I felt like I was reliving the night all over again!

There was something really special about that night. 

Well, there were a lot of really special things about the night, mostly all the ladies who showed up bravely in their 80’s garb to celebrate and connect with one another.  I didn’t see one single person who didn’t at least give it a go in some form or another.  They had side ponies, razor cut t-shirts, neon leg warmers, prom dresses and everything in between.  It felt like a night to go big or go home.

And we went big.  

But there’s one person who stood out among the rest.  Our DJ, Kelly Hooper.  When we first started looking for a DJ for the party, all I knew was that I’d like it to be a girl.  I wanted her to be able to feel the vibe with us in the room and adjust accordingly.  When Ashley found Kelly, there was no doubt.  She was the one.

Want to know why?

In her initial proposal, instead of just a price quote with times and equipment, she got all passionate about our mission. She said she would full-out dress 80’s.  And she did.  She is clearly our people.  She made the whole night with her fun, engaging, and funky style.

The world is not changed by people who sort of care. ~ Sally Hogshead

The world is changed by people who show up in their pink tutu and neon leg warmers.  People who care enough to show up big.  People who know they’re different and celebrate their uniqueness.   The ones who know how to celebrate the uniqueness in others.

Those are the people who make this world a more beautiful place.  

Like Kelly, and all the sisters who showed up to the 80’s GNO.

Do more than sort of care today.  

Go all the way.

to more love,


P.S.  Tickets are officially on sale for the July 6th GNO In The Kitchen, with Liz Conlin, Personal Chef & Founder of Fridgefull Thinking, who will be teaching us a cooking class with tips on sneaking in healthy substitutions.  Tickets are hot!  They’re already flying off the shelf.  I guess we’re going all the way again! Better get yours quick.

Photo cred: Meggie Taylor Photography

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