The gift of authentic connection

Leading a Girls Night Out once a month requires more behind the scenes effort than most people realize.  Especially our brand of GNO, because it’s really more like a mini-retreat, entertaining workshop, TV talk show style interview, and a done-for-you dinner with girlfriends, all rolled into one.  There are what seems a million details and logistics to coordinate, on top of the heart of it all to reconnect busy women to inspire joy and courage.  Even so, you would think that since we’ve done it every single month for three years, we would have it down and it would run like a well-oiled machine.

To a certain extent we do, and it does. 

But somehow, the cascade of surprises on event day never cease to amaze.  Most often my best laid plans for a relaxing day of finessing the content for the evening, and taking time to actually make myself at least presentable, go out the window as the day unfolds before me.  I know it’s a choice, absolutely,  it is.  It’s a continual process of learning to choose the very best thing I can in each moment.  But it’s been a rare month that any of us just float into the event venue on a cloud, ready to savor the night alongside you.  If we’re keeping it real, we usually feel like we’ve just survived our turn in the Gladiator ring, and now it’s time to serve dinner to The Queen on a silver platter.  (If you’ve ever put on a live event, I know you’re with me on this one.  Can I get a witness??)

Last Thursday was no different.

I will spare you all the details, but it was one of the crazier “event” days of my career.  It is the reason I had this wild “party pony” for a hairstyle.  No, it was not on purpose.   My hair was filthy and there was no time to make amends.  So I grabbed a rubber band and threw that mop up on top, and ran out the door.  It didn’t help my confidence much that the outfit I picked out the night before, that I thought would go best with the decor on the stage, included a jacket I’ve owned for probably 15 years.  I was feeling super hot- let me just tell you. 

But here’s the deal.

As soon as I arrived and got face to face with my people, all that crazy energy slowly melted away.  Lauren instantly told me she liked my “party pony” – who knew that was a thing?  I sure didn’t, but it made me feel better about my wild mop!  Also many ladies commented on my “cute jacket” which made me laugh.  But even more than any of that, we hugged, we made eye contact, we showed up for each other.

That’s where all the magic is. 

No event-day-frenzy can take that from us.  That’s the beauty we busy women create, when we show up for ourselves and for each other.  It’s the magic that happens in the room when Lindsay, from AR Workshop Frisco, so vulnerably shares her behind the scenes story from the stage.  It’s the love that unfolds when your confidence comes from more than your hair or your clothes, but from the connection you have with the people you love and serve.

That’s the gift of authentic connection in supportive community. 

All you have to do is show up, really show up, open to receive it.

to more love,


P.S.  This kind of confidence is the WHOLE idea behind our upcoming “Confident Spring Style GNO” on May 2nd.   It’s a fashion show to equip real women to navigate this season with ease, both in clothing, and in life.  It’s all about Spring Fashion, of course, but it’s based the connection, support, and love that happens when women show up for themselves and each other.  It’s the confidence of knowing who you are in this world, and acting like it!  Rally your people and meet me there!

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