The generosity of hope and healing

The Generosity of Hope and Healing ~ Crystal Gornto | heartstories

Scrolling my Facebook feed over the weekend was such a beautiful reminder of how deeply this nation values family and relationships.  After a week when news feeds felt more like battlegrounds, it warmed my heart to see image after image, and heartfelt note after heartfelt note, of loving relationships with dads everywhere.

As a nation, we celebrated imperfect, human men, showing up and doing the best they can.  

I saw a lot of grace this weekend.  Many failures and shortcomings were overlooked as we celebrated the incredible men who are leading everyday, whether they knew it or not.  We celebrated men who left legacies long ago and those who are creating them right before our eyes.  It felt so good.

It was healing.

Even for those who couldn’t celebrate with their dads because they’ve already left this world.  Even for those who haven’t yet forgiven their dads for the hurt they’ve caused.  Even for those who are less-than thrilled with the parents their husbands have become.  I saw hope.  I saw healing.

Hope and healing are generous attributes.

They show up for us, when we open ourselves up to celebrate the joys of others.   They show up for others, when we’re brave enough to share the honest stories of our lives.   But mostly, hope and healing infiltrate when we choose to see past faults, when we look for good intentions, and when we choose gratitude for all we already have.

Hope and healing show up when we choose grace and gratitude.  

And from what I saw, we did that well this weekend.

Good job friends.

Just think what would happen if we did that a little more often.

Let’s keep it up!

to more love,


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