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It’s been a busy week of fun at 3 different camps for these boys.  And you’d think, having been their mother for almost ten years, I would have figured out that day camp does not equal the same schedule as school.

Not for any of us.

They run like wild banshees all day long and I swear, they do not eat.  They sweat and laugh and play all day, the way they do for only 45 minutes of recess during the school year.  They get sunburned, no matter how much sunscreen I apply.  They are tired.  But they do not want to sleep… or shower.

So what do you do when you can’t beat them?  

You join them, of course! You throw on your swimsuit, even when you know the world isn’t ready for that yet.  You grab some bubble bath, a water hose and a huge bucket of water balloons.

You let out a wild battle cry and head for the trampoline.

(Then, of course, you fumble around for a while figuring out how to make the trampoline sudsy, go live on Facebook with the first few jumps, then you jump in and get rowdy!)

We had a blast that night, slipping and sliding and making a ruckus.

We laughed so hard we snorted and none of us really wanted to go in, but the sun going down told us it was time.

The whole truth about our fun?

It has been WAY too long since this mama has been in on the action. I’ve been too busy, too tired, too dressed. . . too whatever.  I’ve been missing a lot of the fun times and laughter I used to get in on.

I want to change that. 

These are the moments of life and living that really matter.  They are the memories that will last.  I don’t want to be so busy doing anything that I miss them all.   I want to get in on the action a lot more often.

Don’t you?

Maybe we should start thinking in hashtags about it.  What if this summer when we are close to something fun and life-giving, we literally start asking ourselves, “Could I hashtag this moment #ImIN?”

And then we choose to answer “YES!”

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