The evolution of beauty

Meeting these beautiful women for brunch at UP Inspired Kitchen on Friday was one of the most fun and exciting experiences I’ve had in a very long time.  It was full of very open conversation, laughter, and maybe a few little tears.   They are our treasured featured guests for the upcoming “Let’s Get Together” HeartStories GNO. (Meet them all here!) We met up to chat about the ways in which we all approach beauty differently and laugh about the hilarious beauty routines we each embrace.

But something different emerged, and it was even more beautiful. 

We ended up talking our own individual evolutions of understanding of beauty.  We shared stories from what we were told about beauty as little girls, to what we understand is beautiful no, as grown women (some with little girls and boys of our own).  We shared how we talk about and represent beauty to our kids.  We laughed about the parts of beauty we are learning to embrace as we get older and how some of it is shaped by our cultures, and some of it is shaped by our experience and our ever-increasing wisdom.

Each woman shared the realization that our standard for beauty is entirely our choice.

It’s not a standard set by someone else.  It’s a decision to show up and practice embracing the aspects of beauty that fill you up and make you come alive.  It’s the kind of beauty, in all it’s forms, that makes this world a better place.  This little brunch left me with SO much hope for the future, of women leading the way to a more loving, and beautiful world.  

Women like this, embracing beauty and each other, are the true icons of this generation. 

This kind of beauty is the only way to teach those who come behind us what it looks like to do the hard work of cultivating love and diversity, even when it’s not what naturally shows up in your circles.  It’s the only way to model what it looks like to show up to awkward conversations with a humility and vulnerability that says, “I have zero clues about what I am doing here, but I know I want to do a better job of celebrating your beauty and your culture.  I love you and I want to love you better.”

Think about that today.

It’s okay to show up not knowing all the answers.  What’s important is showing up.  Asking questions.  Being open to the fact that you may have believed some skewed things about beauty along the way.  Being generous with others who may also have innocently skewed understandings. Laughing at yourself.  Loving yourself.

Loving each other.  

That’s the evolution of beauty.

And it’s the way forward.  

to more love,


(If you don’t already have your ticket for “Let’s Get Together ~ Beauty Routines, Brunch (after dark) and Other Funny Things, for Women of all Color”.  It’s sure to be an enlightening, inspiring, encouraging and relaxing night, celebrating beauty with other women who want to lead the way with love.  You don’t want to miss it.  Get registered today!)

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