The cave you fear to enter

The cave you fear to enter ~ Crystal Gornto | HeartStories

So there’s been this thing going on at my house.  This thing called “remodeling”.  I really think that name is misleading.  Could we start a new tradition in the English language and just start calling it what it is?  Death by Sawdust.  Because, let’s just be honest.

That’s what it really is.  

Little did I know, this dust storm was happening in my house while we were frolicking on the beach for vacation.  So when I returned, let’s just say it was a bit of a downer.  Every.  Single.  Thing. I own, was covered in saw dust.  (plastic covering for furniture?  Who needs it?!  Electric saws in the house?  We love ’em!) We were leaving town the following day for my family reunion at the lake and I had an event in 4 days.

To say I cried, would be an understatement.  

I ugly cried.  I sat on the floor, feeling sorry for myself, and bawled like a baby.  Honestly, my brain just couldn’t even begin to process the hours of dusting that faced me.

I couldn’t bear to look.  

So I didn’t.  I walked around my house with blinders on.  I set up my laptop in the corner of my bedroom and left the door to my office closed.  I left the suitcases in the garage and the piles of my personal effects covered in dust, all over the house.

Until yesterday. 

Yesterday was my first (half) free day, without kids, to start to tackle some of this dust.  I set my mind to start with the most personally painful spot. . . my office.  I opened the door.  I won’t lie.  Even in my moment of determination, I shed another tear.  But then I opened one of my favorite podcasts and turned it up. . . loud. I started with the top shelf of the closet.

The dust started falling like snow.  

I worked my way down.  Shelf by shelf.  One item at a time.  Taking some to the sink to wash.  Dusting some with the Swiffer duster.  Wiping some with a wet cloth.

You know what I discovered?  

As frustrating as it was and as long as it took. . . I was making a dint.  I had the power to change it.  And I had the choice about my attitude.  I worked non-stop during the boy’s afternoon camp.

And I didn’t finish. 

But I felt like a new person.  Dust-covered, hot and sweaty, I left the house to go get them feeling empowered. There were no more tears.  I was motivated to finish, because now, I knew I could.  All it took was opening the door and deciding to go in.

I found the peace in realizing, I could do it, if I would only face it.    

Is there a door you are afraid to open today?  Are you terrified of what might be lurking inside?  Is there is an action you are afraid to take?  A decision you are afraid to make?

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” ~ Joseph Campbell

Sometimes the things we are most afraid of, are the things we need most to face.

You can do this sister. 

We can do it, together.

to more love,


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